Tulles for your Bras!

I love embroidered tulles for bra-making! So much so, that I look for them whenever I am on a buying expedition. They look fabulous on an upper cup, especially on the Shelley Bra Pattern. Here’s the latest tulles in the store in  7″ and 8″ widths.

LT-72.43 with Rose, Pink and Dijon mix

LT-72.98 with nice rich pink flowers on a black ground

LT-81.10 basic all white with a beading strip near the top edge. Wouldn’t that be nice with a ribbon running through it?

LT-82.40 is a pink and chocolate brown tulle.

LT-82.74 has both sage green and blue in it. That’s an unusual combination but isn’t it lovely?

and finally LT-82.98. It’s heavily embroidered with black, gold and silver grey threads.

Remember, quantities are limited so stock up on tulles for your bras today!

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  1. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    Oh yes, they are already out there. We packed them as trio kits with the fabric, power net and a lace that co-ordinates. When Wendy gets it all set up, the trios look like the eye candy they are! Thanks for your question!


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