Lace Lovers Luck!

Yesterday, what I “think” is the last of our laces has arrived. We have more coming in over the summer, but this is the spring shipment. So if you are a lace lover, you are in luck! These are all stretch laces and a lot of them, multi-coloured.

Best of all, because these all have two edges, they can be mirrored. That means if you cut the upper cup of one side of the bra on one edge of the lace, you should cut the other side from the other edge and match the pattern. In that way, the two sides of the bra will be mirror-images of one another.

Here are two 5″ (12.5 cm) laces

LS-50.981 plain black with a bow design (not a typical flower pattern)

and LS-52.81 a mix of light and dark beige

The 6″ (15 cm) size is the most popular width.

LS-60.092 a pure white lace (always useful)
LS-60.152  an off-white lace 
LS-60.153 a second choice of off-white

LS-60.40 pink lace (I can’t resist pink!)

and LS-60.402 slightly more delicate colour of pink

LS-60.983 black with a nice leaf design

 and now for the multi-colours!

LS-63.28 a mix of cream and dark beige / copper tones

LS-63.36 light peach and a darker almost beige colour

LS-63.41 unusual bright pink and orange gold on black

LS-63.45 fuchsia and black mix

LS-63.471 stunning mix of red and black

LS-63.52 red with gold threads

LS-63.56 shades of grape

Finally…two 7″ (17.5 cm) stretch laces

LS-73.47 red and coral/gold combination

LS-73.26 black with dijon edges.

Prices of these nylon and spandex laces are between $6 and $8 per metre. All are available on our website or by calling 905-538-1396.
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