At the Enchanted Castle – construction ahead

There is a beehive of activity at the store this weekend. We are getting a whole new office and shipping area!

With the release of the Craftsy bra-making class, we do not have enough room for 3 at the computers and the shipping desk. It is, to say the least, a little crowded.

Less than two years ago, we bought the current office set-up and thought we had LOTS of room. I believe I even said at the time “now we have LOTS of room. We should never need more room than this”. Never say never.

Lucky for us (or is that foresight and planning?) the desk we bought can be used in the new set-up, and extra bits and bobs added to it, to increase the space. Where the original office space was in the centre of the store, now we are moving to to the front window area, and by putting it there, we can increase the area by over double. 

Here is our old notions wall…yep, that’s moved too. Moving to the east side (always wanted to say that!) This area will be part of our new order desk. That ugly cabinet underneath has been transplanted to the fitting room. The thread cabinet? <sigh> I don’t know  where that will go yet! Ditto for the paper and book cabinet. I am sure I will be inspired after everything is moved <she says hopefully>

When it is done, I will post a picture, but for now it will have to remain a surprise. If you call in on Monday, please be aware that our phones will be off for an hour or so as they do the switch over, but we will be back to work as soon as we can!

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