New laces – 6″ Non-stretch

First – my apologies for not getting this lace on the website sooner – however there is quite a bit of it and it took some time to code it, take pictures of it and then get it on the shelves. But it is now available and ready for sewing!

Here is the white and off-whites in the 6″ (15 mm laces. These are all made of nylon tulle background with embroidered edgings on them. Without further delay….here are the first of the laces!

Here is LT-61.161…off-white embroidered roses

 …and LT-61.162 also off-white.  I am not sure what to call this design! It’s the abstract zebra, perhaps!

LT-61.16 a nice pearl colour. I love how this design “leans” to one side!

Now prepare yourself for the multi-coloured laces!
LT-62.33 in blush and taupe-y tones

LT-61.35 in pink with a touch of peach!

LT-62.40 pink and grey. Gosh I love this one! wouldn’t this be lovely across the edge of an upper cup?

LT-62.60 with a pale turquoise and Ivory. It looks good with the turquoise fabrics but the blue fabrics – not so much.

LT-62.63 with a fabulous turquoise background and purple embroidery! I love the striped effect below the embroidered edge.

LT-62.68 Navy, yes…navy… background with rose and lilac flowers

LT-62.83  This is really a nice beige and taupe edging with the feathers below it

LT-62.85. Isn’t this combination of brick red and gold lovely against the brown background?

LT-62.92 This one is one of my favourites! It has a printed green and rose tulle background with deep grey and pink flowers along the edge.

LT-62.95 White background with black and dark grey flowers

LT-62.97 has a black honeycomb design in the background with lilac, pink and dijon coloured flowers.

LT-62.98. This one is my favourite! Raspberry red embroidery on the top edge with pink and green flowers mixed in between the stripes

LT-62.98 Variegated thread in black and greys on a black background. Dare I say…50 shades of grey?

and finally LT-62.981 black with a demure white edging and wee flowers on the background

There’s more to come! These are the 6″ (15 cm) embroidered tulles only. I still have more that are wider and some that are narrower as well. Oh yes, and some stretch laces too!

The only down side to these laces is that they are limited quantities, so if you just have to have them, please go to and check them out!

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  1. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    Actually, Allison, there are about 6 of them that I was able to buy Lefts and Rights, so if you buy 1 metre for example, if it was a mirror lace, we would send you .5 of Left and .5 of Right. LT-62.98 – LT-62.92 – LT-62.63 – LT-62.40 are four such examples, but there are not equal amounts of each. So while I might have 15 metres of a Right side, I might only have 5 metres of a Left, so the quantities are limited. It there are any you want, we will happlily tell you which ones mirror


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