More tulles!

Here are more tulles for your bra-making pleasure! First up is LT-42.31. It’s a bit narrower, being only 4″ (10 cm) but don’t despair…it’s plenty for the upper cup in most cases! 

Here’s LT-42.95, and how wide do you think this one is? You can crack our product’s secret code by knowing that the first number after the dash is the width of the lace in question. So LT-42.95 is 4″ (10 cm) wide

LT-52.49 is lovely with just a touch of colour – this one is fuchsia and black cherry. And you guessed correctly that this one is 5″ (13 cm) wide!

and this one is the same lace in another colourway – brick red and a nice orange-y red

LT-52.64 has navy, yellow and white embroidery on a blue background.

Just for a treat, why not hop on over to Emerald Erin’s blog to see what she made with one of our laces today on the first day of Boob Camp. Here’s a peek at the lace, but I will let Erin show you the rest. You can enter her giveaway for a bra pattern at the same time! 

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