Lace Edges

Use Lace Edges for any bra or intimate apparel project. In most cases, its narrow width fits the pattern pieces perfectly, for minimal waste. In addition, most lace edging mirrors well. That means you can cut the left side from one side of the lace, then flip the pattern piece over and cut it from the opposite side of the lace. Remember to match the design as you do so. This ensures a perfectly mirrored design. You will also find that the laces are extremely co-operative. In other words, they are easy to cut and easy to sew.

Our customers use Lace Edges as trims for bras, panties, or other intimate apparel. We offer both stretch and non-stretch laces. Plus, we offer both in solid colour and multi-colour options. We use a bit of lace edging in our classes to decorate the Classic bra. We also use lace edging for bra cups, garter belts, camisoles, and for panty panels.

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