Here you can find all of our remnant fabrics! These are either off-cuts of the fabrics we have, the ends of bolts, or fabrics with minor flaws.

  • stretch mesh fabric FP-7 fuchsia from Bra-Makers Supply Hamilton folded shown

    Fuchsia Stretch Mesh – REMNANT – 1.1 metres

    $26.40 $21.12 Sale!
  • duoplex reversible low stretch bra cup fabric FJ-6 black cherry stretch bra cup fabric rhododendron Pantone 19-2024 from Bra-Makers Supply folded

    FLAWED Duoplex Reversible Low Stretch Bra Cup Fabric

    $5.00$10.00 Sale!
  • pre-finished foam padding cut sew foam swimwear foam FF-6 navy blue or blueprint Pantone 19-3939 from Bra-Makers Supply

    FLAWED Pre-Finished Foam Padding Cut and Sew Foam

    $7.50$15.00 Sale!