Beginner Sewing – Basic Building Blocks


Beginner Sewing – Basic Building Blocks

New to the sewing world or want to learn all about it? Take our Beginner Sewing class to learn the basics of machine sewing! You will learn how to thread a machine, refill a bobbin, and more! Learn how to read paper and tissue patterns and all about terms specific to sewing and what they mean. We will teach you the good habits of sewing and why you should implement them in your home projects. You will practice those newly-learned skills and sew a tote bag in the afternoon to take home.

$75.00 CAD + HST

Kit cost: $12.00. Includes cotton and webbing for making your tote bag.

Please note:

• The class begins at 10 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Doors open at 9:30 am.

• Bring your lunch or you can buy lunch out. Please note that lunch will only be a half-hour as we have a lot to cover! We have a fridge, sink, and microwave in our classroom kitchen. We also include coffee and tea for the class. You will receive a small goodie bag to take home with you!

•A photographer will be on-site. We will offer ribbons if you do not wish to have your picture taken. Those who do will have photos posted to social media.

Beginner Sewing – Basic Building Blocks

Entering the world of sewing can be intimidating. There are so many terms specific to garment making that it can be confusing. We take the confusion out of starting! In this beginner class, we will cover the basics like threading your machine and winding a bobbin. Also, we will teach you key terms related to sewing, how to read a pattern, and “sew” much more! Learn about baste stitches, stay stitches, and why good sewing habits need to be maintained. You will sew your first tote bag in the afternoon in a cute cotton print. Show off your new sewing skills to your friends and family!

$75.00 CAD + HST

Skill Level

You do not have no know anything about sewing to take this course! Even if you have never touched a machine, we will help you get comfortable with sewing for the first time.

What you get in the class

You will receive hand-outs with key terms for sewing, as well as a list of different stitches and how to do them. A kit for the tote bag is available for $12.00, but we will choose the fabrics ahead of time.

More Info


Saturday, March 21
Saturday, May 23
Saturday, July 18
Saturday, September 19

$75.00 + HST CAD

For more information, call us at 905-538-1396.


Bring to Class:

• A package of key sewing terms will be provided, as well as different stitches and how to do them. A fabric kit will be available for purchase for $12.00. Machines are available for rent for $10.00.


• Regular polyester thread (available on site)
• Paper Scissors, SHARP fabric scissors, thread snips
• Universal Needles (available on site)
• Regular sewing foot (optional)
• Pen and paper for note taking
• Zig-zag sewing machine in good working order.
• The foot pedal and power cords for the machine above!
• Basic sewing supplies including spare bobbins, pins, a seam ripper, tape measure,
extra needles, seam gauge etc.

Have a question? Contact us.

Reserve your spot by calling 905 538 1396

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