Waist Cincher – Corset (2 days)


Waist Cincher – Corset-Making Class

Corsets are indispensable undergarments for theater, re-enactments, special occasions (think weddings), or under that retro cocktail dress! They are fun and popular inner OR outer garments, that are a must-have for today’s fashionable woman.  Learn the basics during this 2 day Waist-Cincher Corset Class.

We use the Pin-up Girls Freedom Corset for this class and teach you all the tricks to make this surprisingly comfortable garment. The sewing required is all straight stitch – no special machine required! The hardware and the pattern are included in the class. You just need to buy the lining (available at Bra-makers) and the exterior fabric (bring your own or you can go shopping in the fabric district!)

Machines available for rent for students who do not wish to bring their own machine. Machine rental is $20 for the 2 days.

$250.00 CAD

Please note: 

• Class begins at 9:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm.
• Bring your lunch or you can buy lunch out. We have a fridge, sink and microwave in our classroom kitchen.

Waist-Cincher Corset

Corsets are indispensable undergarments for theater, re-enactments, special occasions (think weddings), or under that retro cocktail dress!  A waist cincher is popular as an inner OR outer garment, that is a must-have for today’s fashionable woman. Learn the basics during this 2 day Waist-Cincher Corset Class.

$250.00 CAD

Reserve your spot. Call 905-538-1396 today!

What you get in the class

The Freedom Corset pattern and class notes are included with the class fee.   You can purchase all the supplies to make your waist cincher here in the store.

Skill Level


While bra sewing is not difficult it does require a certain amount of skill. We like to say “if you can sew in a sleeve you can make a corset in our class.”

Lesson Plan

Day 1 - morning

Corset class starts off by showing you some corsets we’ve made and explaining what all the parts are, what they do and how they work. For example the front busk has a different job than the back lacing and grommets. We will determine your size by taking careful measurements and even measure so the busk while seated. You won’t want to jab yourself with a busk that is too long. You will be learning about fabrics, lining and coutil and how they work together to make a strong, supportive corset. Then we will lay out our fabric and cut out the pattern.

Day 1 - afternoon

Your corset sewing start by setting the busk. The busk is the solid metal fastener than runs up and down at the centre front, which allows the wearer to dress herself (unless you have a maid to help you!). The busk is one of those construction details that scares sewists away from corset making, however you will learn that it is not a difficult task at all, once you know a few secrets to its insertion.

Day 2 - morning

Once the busk is in, the corset is easy sewing. Get into the sewing zone and put the panels together, then sew the bone casings on to make your corset really take shape. Bones are not hard to sew, contrary to popular belief. Just remove the bones before you sew the edges of the casing to the fabric, and you will be fine. When the bones are in place, the corset is ready to be finished.

Day 2 - afternoon

The final steps to finishing the corset include sewing the back fold for the grommets. Setting the grommets is quick and painless with our classroom grommet press. make the holes for the grommets and set them in less than 10 minutes! All that is left to do is the top and bottom binding. here you’ll learn to make a perfect corner in the binding. Imagine – perfect corners even on an angle! lastly, you will learn to lace up the corset the “proper” corset lacing way, and your corset is finished, just in time for you to show it off.

More Info


Next available dates for the Corset Class:

November 22 – 23, 2019

Call (905) 538-1396 to reserve your spot.

Class Dates and Prices 2019

Class Descriptions HSC 2019


Bring to Class:

Pattern included with class.

• 1 metre of non-stretch outer corset fabric such as damask, brocade, home decor fabric or denim (available on site)
• .5 metre of coutil or sturdy twill fabric for lining each corset (available on site)

Front Closing
• One separating zipper if using a zipper option (available on site) OR one corset busk as per the chart on the pattern

Back Closing and Boning
• It is suggested that you wait until the class to choose how you would like finish the back of your waist cincher.  You can choose grommet tape or grommets.
• Lacing cord (available on site)
• It is suggested that you wait until the class to choose your boning (available on site)

• A tapered awl for setting the busk (available on site)
• Rotary cutter and mat, weights optional (if you use rotary cutters)
• Paper Scissors, SHARP fabric scissors, thread snips
• Universal 80 or 90 machine needles (available on site)
• 1/4″ foot or a foot to ensure a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance
• Zipper foot for sewing close to the busk
• Regular polyester thread (available on site)
• Blue Washout marker (available on site)
• Drafting paper, scotch tape to draft the pattern (available on site)
• Zig-zag sewing machine in good working order
• The foot pedal and power cords for the machine above!
• Basic sewing supplies including spare bobbins, a seam ripper, pins, tape measure,
extra needles, seam gauge etc

• Please mark all your supplies with your name.


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I don’t have a fancy machine. What kind of machine do I need?

A straight stitch machine is a fine machine for corsetry! All of the corset construction steps are made with straight stitches, from the busk to the binding. Don’t worry about having a zig-zag machine, because it is not necessary.

What’s included in the class?

We supply the Freedom Corset pattern, which has a range of sizes from bust 32 up to bust 52. If you are outside the range of sizes, our instructor will happily make the changes so the pattern will fit! We also supply the busk for the front, the boning and the lacing cord. You need to bring or purchase the corset fabric and the coutil lining., which we have for sale in our store.

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