Harness Your Inner Woman


Harness Class

Cage bras and harnesses are all the rage right now. Though they look complicated with all the crisscrossing of elastics and multiple sliders and rings, we know how to make it easy. Join us for a 5-hour class to learn how to make your own harness. Choose from two variations, or even add in your own style! It is completely up to you! We will show you other fun ways of creating a harness, like using grommet tape, lace, ribbon, or mesh. Gain the skills in this class to keep creating your own lingerie, for under your garments or over!

To take this class, we suggest you be comfortable with sewing on a machine. You don’t have to be an expert seamstress, but knowing how to do a straight and zigzag stitch is highly encouraged.

$75.00 CAD + HST

Kit cost: $30.00. Includes hardware and strap elastic.

Please note:

• Class begins at 10 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Doors open at 9:30 am.
• Bring your lunch or you can buy lunch out. Please note that lunch will only be a half hour as we have a lot to cover! We have a fridge, sink, and microwave in our classroom kitchen. We also include coffee and tea for the class. You will receive a small handmade tote bag for coming to the class!
•A photographer will be on-site. We will offer ribbons if you do not wish to have your picture taken. Those who do will have photos posted to social media.

Harness Your Inner Woman!

Have you ever been interested in making a cage bra? Learn how to work with strapping! We will teach you how to make your very own harness to wear over your garment or against your skin. Work with strap elastic in various sizes to create interesting designs and learn how to make it adjustable.

$75.00 CAD + HST

Skill Level

We suggest being comfortable on a sewing machine and working with both straight stitches and zigzag stitches. You do not need intricate knowledge about sewing for the class.

What you get in the class

You get two unique harness variations to work with. You will also get pre-printed class notes. A strapping kit is available in different colours for $30.00.

More Info


Saturday, February 1

$75.00 + HST CAD

For more information, call us at 905-538-1396.


Bring to Class:

• Two harness variations will be provided. A hardware kit will be available for purchase for $30.00.


• Matching polyester thread to strap colour used (available on site)
• Paper Scissors, SHARP fabric scissors, thread snips
• Stretch 75/11 (preferred) or ballpoint 70/10 machine needles (available on site)
• 1/4″ foot or zipper foot (optional)
• Pins or Wonder Clips
• Zig-zag sewing machine in good working order.
• The foot pedal and power cords for the machine above!
• Basic sewing supplies including spare bobbins, a seam ripper, tape measure,
extra needles, seam gauge etc.

Have a question? Contact us.

Reserve your spot by calling 905 538 1396

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