Panties – Drafting and Beyond

  • panty basics panty pattern PB-5212 from Bra-Makers Supply sample shown


Panties – Drafting and Beyond

This class will teach you how to draft a panty pattern from your measurements or for your clients that is comfortable and looks good too.  Learn about the fabrics, elastics and laces to finish them.  Next you will learn how to make adjustments to your pattern to create different styles as well as how to alter the pattern for different fit issues.  Consider this the ultimate panty class!

Rental machines are available for $10 if you don’t want to bring your own machine. Just let us know so we can have one set up for you.

$250.00 CAD

Please note:

• 2-Day class begins at 9:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm.
• Bring your lunch or you can buy lunch out. We have a fridge, sink, and microwave in our classroom kitchen.

Panties – Drafting and Beyond

You will never buy panties again after this class, because you will be able to make various styles from your own pattern draft.

$250.00 CAD

What you get in the class

Skill Level

The good news is that you don’t have to sew a bra in order to make underwear.   As long as you can sew, you can do this.  We will be sewing with stretchy fabrics and elastics, but we will teach you to do that.

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Watch for a new date next year.


Call 905-538-1396 if you are interested in this class, maybe we can set-up a date.

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Bring to Class: 

Drafting paper will be provided in the class.

• Rotary cutter and mat, weights optional (if you use rotary cutters)
• Paper Scissors, SHARP fabric scissors, thread snips
• Stretch 75/11 machine needles (available on site)
• 1/4″ foot or a foot to ensure a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance
• Regular polyester thread (available on site)
• Washout marker (available on site)
• Ruler, scotch tape, pencil etc. to trace the pattern
• Zig-zag sewing machine in good working order
• The foot pedal and power cords for the machine above!
• Basic sewing supplies including spare bobbins, a seam ripper, pins, tape measure,
extra needles, seam gauge etc

• Please mark all your supplies with your name.


I’ve sewn several pairs of panties before, but struggled with the fit. I also wondered how to add designer details like lace. This class took away all of the mystery! Highly recommended for anyone who wants undies that fit their style AND derriere!

Lara via Craftsy

This is the first time anyone has made pattern drafting look like it was easy and fun! It has been SO hard to watch the whole class without running off to the sewing machine but I’m glad I did. SO many possibilities… I’d love to write more but my fabric, elastics, and laces are calling to me!!! Thank you Beverly!

Bonny via Craftsy

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