Power Bars Slings Pockets Collars Design Class 5 days


Power Bars Slings Pockets Collars Design Class (5 days)

Harness the power of four ‘magicians’ – pockets, slings, collars, and power bars.  Each element is created from your bra pattern.  Learn to draft and insert mastectomy pockets and nursing bra slings.  This class is about drafting and sewing the support panels – you must have your own well-fitting bra pattern or be sewing bras for others.

The Power Bars Slings Pockets Collars Design Class is for advanced or professional bra-makers. This 5 day class is spent working with all types of power bars, slings, and collars. We will learn what they do and what makes them work, how to design them, and how to incorporate them into your bras. You will learn to draft each of the many types of support elements, then make samples of them so you will always have them for reference.

Did you or someone in your family have a mastectomy? Learn to design and insert mastectomy bra pockets, how to make them to fit your bra pattern, as well as any existing bra. By the end of the class, you will be designing, sewing, and using these indispensable support tools with ease. You must already be experienced in making bras as basic bra construction is not taught in this class.

Machines available for rent for students who do not wish to bring their own machine. Machine rental is $50 for the 5 days.

$900.00 CAD

Please note: 

• Class begins at 10 am and ends at 4:00 pm. Doors open at 9:30 am.
• Bring your lunch or you can buy lunch out. We have a fridge, sink and microwave in our classroom kitchen.

Power Bars Slings Pockets Collars Design Class

The Power Bars Slings Pockets Collars Design Class is for advanced or professional bra-makers. This 5 day class is spent working with all types of support elements including power bars, slings, and collars. You will also learn to draft and sew mastectomy pocketed bras and nursing bras.

$900.00 CAD

Dates of Next Class

What’s included in the class

The class includes the class notes, as well as the materials to make all the reference samples you will be making in the class.

Skill Level

You must be familiar with the construction of a basic bra as this will not be taught. however we do teach the specifics of attaching power bars, slings and collars, as well as how to make a pocketed bra.

Lesson Plan


On the first day, meet your classmates and get familiar with all the support levels and what there role is in a supportive bra. You will see all the different variations of each and how they differ. You’ll also start with power bars, and draft the many types including internal, external and integral. You will also make samples of a cup that uses each of them.


We will look at slings today and what they do, how to draft them and make samples of the various types of slings, including nursing bra slings.


Wednesday is collar day and you will learn to draft the types of collars there are. You will also sew a sample of a collared bra and learn how to adjust it for the best support possible.


You will be making pockets today, in two main types: pocket for padded effects or to balance uneven sizes and also the mastectomy pocket. There is always a demand for pocketed bras and you will learn how to draft them with ease.


Our last day and it is no less packed with information as the previous days! Today we will concentrate on making padding for lumpectomies and also to make a prosthesis for mastectomy patients. You will learn how inexpensive they really are to make and how they can duplicate the shape and weight of the natural breast. As the day winds down, you will say goodbye to your new friends and go home with a wealth of information!

More Info


The next available dates for the Power Bars/ Pockets/ Slings class:

This class has been combined with the Fitting and Support for Plus Sizes.

September, 30 – October 4, 2019


The class includes the fabrics necessary to make the samples of all the slings mentioned in the class. We also supply a sample size pattern for you to work with in the class.

Make sure to bring!

  • Zig-zag sewing machine in good working order and its power cords/foot pedal
  • A 1/4” (6 mm) foot to ensure a 1/4” (6 mm) seam allowance
  • Topstitching foot or a stitch-in-the-ditch foot, empty bobbins
  • Thread in any pastel colour to sew the samples with
  • Pins, seam ripper, seam gauge, tape measure and other essential tools of the trade
  • Rotary cutter, mat and weights (if you plan to use rotary cutters)
  • Paper scissors, SHARP fabric scissors and thread snips
  • Stretch 75/11 machine needles
  • Blue Washout marker
  • Drafting paper, scotch tape to draft the pattern

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When does the class start and end?

Classes start at 10 am and end at 4 pm, however the doors open at 9:30.

Where do I get lunch?

We have a small kitchen with microwave, fridge and toaster oven, so you can bring your own lunch. There are also several fine restaurants and cafes in close walking distance of the store.

What about a sewing machine?

You will always do your best work on your own sewing machine, however that is not always possible. We have sewing machines available for rent for your use in the class. $50 is the rental fee for this 5 day class.

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