Bra Ideas for Fall

When the leaves change to their brilliant wardrobe for fall, we should also be thinking of colour in our bra wardrobes. Why? Studies show that the use of warm colours can heighten excitement and stimulate our eyes. And believe me, nothing will lift your spirits on a cold, dark morning like putting on a bra (and underwear) with rich, warm colours. They just make us feel good. Here are some great bra ideas for fall, submitted by our design team and our customers. Share in the excitement of dressing in the colours of fall.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all about orange and black! There’s a lot more to fall than that. But if you like orange, how about trimming it up a little as we show here? You can use our Ruby pattern and sew narrow trim along the seamlines, then continue that line of trim up to the neckline.

How about a warm and cozy Scuba print? Here’s a bralette we made using a Scuba print fabric (no, it is not used for making wet suits!) and our Sweet Sixteen Bralette pattern. That pattern has a wide range of sizes and is a tall glass of wire-free comfort.

Better yet, how about making a bra and underwear set from Scuba prints? Here, we’ve used the same Scuba print combined with lace in the Sherri bra and the Cheryl Boy Shorts.

Are you getting excited yet about the possibilities? Here’s another great bra idea for fall. Use Sheer Cup Lining with lace over it to make this stunning Diamond bustier. It’s your choice to use a foam lining or a sheer lining. Both ways, it is super supportive.

Bring in some sexy using black lace over shiny stretch lamee. This bra is a basic Classic bra dropped down a little in the front. Haven’t enough of that fabulous fabric? On the sides, use a little more lace, and a contrast colour insert. Now you’ve got enough and it’s big impact for a wee bit of spicy fabric.

What would your fall bra be without great fit? Our good friend, Kerri has it all going for her – great fit custom fitted to her body  (look at that – right back to the chest wall!) and a superb combination of the Classic bra and fabulous lace.  Here’s a bra that is reminiscent of a blazing autumn tree, bursting with colour. You don’t have to be a bra genius to add some rich yellow lace over sheer fabric. This is our Linda bra, a partial bra that is packed full of options for colour.

What is fall without some red? this is the Amethyst bra pattern with black foam underneath a rich red lace. Note those cute black bows at the base of the strap. An extra designer touch who love bows (my hand is up!) Keen eyes will see that the red lace and the yellow lace above is exactly the same pattern, just two different colours.

Any of the bras pictured here would be perfect under a lightweight sweater. The colours won’t be seen by the outside world, and your colourful underwear can be your little autumn secret. So you see, this is the best time to add these rich colours of fall to your bra wardrobe. Have fun and enjoy sewing for fall!