• BL-2 – Corset Lacing Cord

  • cotton boning casing BT-09 black from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    BT-09 – Cotton Boning Casing

    $2.50 per Metre
  • TT – Cotton Twill Tape Seam Tape

    $0.30$1.00 per Metre
  • half inch polyester twill tape or 12.5 mm seam tape TTP-13 natural from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    TTP – Polyester Twill Tape Seam Tape

    $0.30$1.00 per Metre
  • metal corset grommets or two part eyelets BS from Bra-Makers Supply product photo

    BG – Metal Corset Grommets Two-Part Eyelets

  • grommet setting press BGP-03 from Bra-Makers Supply side front view shown

    BGP-03 – Grommet Setting Press

  • size 2 five sixteenths of an inch or 8 mm grommet hole cutting dies BGH-56.2 from Bra-Makers Supply front view shown

    BGH-56 – Grommet Hole Cutting Dies

  • size 2 three eighths of an inch or 10 mm grommet setting dies BGD-38 from Bra-Makers Supply top view shown

    BGD-38 – Grommet Setting Dies

  • metal grommet tape or metal eyelet tape from Bra-Makers Supply

    BGT-100 – Metal Grommet Tape Metal Eyelet Tape

    $15.00 per Metre
  • BL-5 – Braided Corset Lacing Cord

    $1.50 per Metre
  • half inch plastic garter clips or suspender clips CG-1 from Bra-Makers Supply

    CG-1 – Plastic Garter Clips Suspender Clips

  • metal garter clips suspender clips from Bra-Makers Supply

    CG – Metal Garter Clips Suspender Clips