Fabric choices are so critical to the success of your bra-making efforts that you really cannot expect a bra to fit perfectly unless you use the same fabrics in the mock-up as you do in the final garment. At Bra-makers Supply, we try to keep the fabric choices easy for our customers. We test all of the fabric we sell, over and over again and use them in bras for real women, not mannequins or fit models. Not only do we test the fabrics we sell, but we launder them to to make sure they stand up for years of wear.

Some of our fabrics are unique to us. We have them made to our specifications and dyed to our colours right from the get-go. Others, we buy from reputable and trusted suppliers in Canada, the USA and Europe. Whether you are using our materials for bras for yourself, a friend or a client, you can rest assured that it is the best quality that we can find.