Bra Band Fabrics

If you are sewing your own bra, you need the right Bra Band Fabrics. We have them all, including Power Net, Double Knit Power Net, Tech-Sheen, and Stretch Mesh. We have a bra band fabric to meet every bra-making, dance, or costume need.

Our go-to bra band fabric is the Power net. This is the band fabric for medium to heavy cups. This fabric features a firm hold, but is very breathable. Available in 15 of our standard colours.

Double Knit Power Net is a heavier weight of fabric, matching some of the more unusual colours in our store.

Techsheen is a satin finish fabric with moderate holding power.

The Stretch Mesh is a lightweight mesh fabric, which is perfect for lighter weight cups. Available in a rainbow of colours, matching our Duoplex and other stretch fabrics.