Lace Fabrics and Trims

Is there anything that suggests fine lingerie more than Lace Fabrics and Trims? For hundreds of years, women have looked to laces for the most elegant fabrics and the most sought-after trims. When it comes to making lingerie of any type, whether it be bras, corsets, panties, or other foundations, lace has always been nearby. In fact, many women consider laces to be at the heart of the definition of lingerie fabric.

At Bra-makers Supply, we offer a huge range of beautiful lace fabrics and trims, at affordable prices. But that does not mean we sacrifice quality! Canadian mills supply all of our lace fabrics. Our trusted overseas sources supply our lace trims. Whether using stretch or non-stretch lace fabrics, or lace edgings in widths from the narrowest trim to the wide laces that are ideal for panties, you will find a great selection offered here.