Allover Lace Fabrics

Allover Lace Fabrics are the most economical way to use lace on a garment or intimate apparel. Its construction allows you to cut a number of garment pieces out of a single width of  58-60″cloth . In most cases, the lace does not have to be mirrored and often it cannot be, so it is not a primary concern. Whether you use Allover Lace Fabrics for bras, corsets, panties, or other foundation wear, you will find that the laces are easy to cut and easy to sew.

We have two types of Lace Fabrics, both stretch and non-stretch versions. We prefer a non-stretch lace for bra cups, as you often do not have to line the bra cups. The lace has enough body to use alone. However, that is not the case with the stretch laces. Stretch Laces require a lining such as 15 Denier Sheer Nylon or Sheer Cup Lining to help support the weight. However, their stretch-ability makes them very desirable for covering foam cups of any kind.