• QB-100 – Bra-makers Manual Volume 1

  • EB-371 Bulk Roll in Platinum Bra-makers Supply

    EB-71 roll – Scalloped Edge Plush Back Band Elastic-Bulk Rolls

  • Bra-Makers Manual by Beverly Johnson from Bra-Makers Supply volume 2 book english front cover graphic shown

    QB-500 – Bra-makers Manual Volume 2

  • EBR-371 Black Cherry 3/8" (11 mm) Black Scalloped Edge Soft Plush Back Bra Band Elastic-Bulk Rolls

  • double knit power net FP-3 black cherry or bra band fabric Pantone 19-2024 rhododendron from Bra-Makers Supply flat fold shown

    FP-3 – Double Knit Power Net Bra Band Fabric

    $30.00 per Metre
  • three quarters inch 19 mm firm bra band elastic EB-672 platinum or three quarters inch 19 mm plush back elastic griffin Pantone 17-5102 from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    EB-72 – Firm Bra Band Elastic Plush Back Elastic

    $1.80$2.50 per Metre
  • Clearance Bulk Rolls of 3/4″ (18 mm) Firm Bra Band Elastic

    $49.50$71.50 Sale!
  • EB-72 roll – Firm Bra Band Elastic Plush Back Elastic-Bulk Rolls

  • make & fit your own bra book by Beverly V. Johnson QB-200 from Bra-Makers Supply Hamilton line drawing shown

    QB-200 – Make & Fit your own Bra Book

  • decorative polka-dot bra bows AB-21.40 black dots on pink from Bra-Makers Supply set of 2 shown

    AB – Decorative Polka-Dot Bra Bows

  • WCL – Continuous Low Uni-Wires Metal Uni-Wire