• spiral boning metal corset boning BZ from Bra-Makers Supply product photo

    BZ – Spiral Boning Metal Corset Boning

  • steel spiral boning metal corset boning by the metre BS-100 from Bra-Makers Supply side coiled shown

    BS-100 – Steel Spiral Boning Metal Corset Boning-by the Metre

    $5.00 per Metre
  • spiral boning caps or spiral boning tips BS-12 from Bra-Makers Supply package of 12 top side view shown

    BST-12 – Spiral Boning Caps Spiral Boning Tips

  • heat shrink spiral boning cover BHS-25 from Bra-Makers Supply on boning shown

    BHS-25 – Heat Shrink Spiral Boning Cover