Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit


Beverly Johnson Teaches Sewing Bras Construction Fit Craftsy

Create custom-fit bras with your home sewing machine alongside expert instructor Beverly Johnson. Choose the perfect fabric, pattern and size. Use stretch to your advantage as you cut out your pattern pieces. Then, create the cups, add the straps, sew the side seams and attach the cups to the bra’s frame. Learn professional techniques for applying elastic to the bottom bands, top bands and neckline for greater comfort. Build structure with an optional underwire and keep it in place with bar tacks. Finish your bra beautifully with topstitched channeling, adjustable back straps and a hook-and-eye closure. Along the way, learn to personalize patterns for your unique curves: Adjust strap length, fix a gaping or too-snug band, alter the bridge between cups and fit cups perfectly by adjusting their size and shape. Upgrade from ready-to-wear’s generic fit — sew flawless bras personalized for you!

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Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit

Make the most supportive, comfortable bras you’ve ever owned. Get step-by-step guidance for sewing bras with a flawless fit, as Beverly Johnson Teaches Sewing Bras Construction Fit Craftsy.

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What’s included in the class

  • 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials, including guidelines for choosing bra sizes, fabric and notions
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from Beverly in our virtual classroom

Skill Level

Intermediate – you should be comfortable with your machine, and be able to insert a sleeve into a garment (it is the same technique!)

Enhance your sewing repertoire with detailed techniques, from classic to innovative, with your own Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly Johnson.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1. Introduction | 23:13

Meet your “fairy bra mother,” Beverly Johnson, and learn about the construction of a classic, full-band bra suitable for all bust sizes. Beverly will show you how to measure yourself to choose the correct size, what to look for in a pattern and the best fabrics to start with.

Lesson 2. Constructing the Bra: Cup & Frame | 45:13

Get started with your bra sewing by laying out your pattern pieces and cutting out your fabric according to the direction of greatest stretch. Beverly shares tips for marking the pieces, then shows how to sew the cups, attach the straps, sew the side seams, attach the cups to the frame and add channeling for optional underwires.

Lesson 3. Constructing the Bra: Applying the Elastic | 34:16

Elastic is the key to your bra’s effectiveness in providing comfortable support. Beverly walks you through the application of elastic to the bottom and top bands and demonstrates how to add trim to the neckline. You’ll also learn how to add bar tacks to the end of the channeling to keep an underwire in place and away from the skin.

Lesson 4. Constructing the bra: Hardware & finishing | 34:52

Finish up your bra with topstitched channeling, back straps with sliders, and a hook-and-eye closure. Beverly discusses underwire options and shows how to insert them. Your new bra is ready to wear or be used as a fitting model so you can adjust your pattern.

Lesson 5. Fitting the bra, Part 1 | 32:26

You can make your bras fit your unique curves smoothly and comfortably with Beverly’s simple instructions for tweaking your pattern. You’ll learn how to adjust strap length, fix a gaping or too-snug band and alter the bridge between the cups.

Lesson 6. Fitting the Bra, Part Two | 27:41

Cup fit issues are the trickiest part of bra making, so once you get your pattern adjusted with Beverly’s guidance, you’ll have a pattern that fits you just the way you want. Learn about adjusting the strap position or altering the neckline to get a better cup fit, and see how to round the cup crown, shift the apex or fix a too-flat lower cup. You’ll be amazed by how even a tiny adjustment will create just the right fit.

Lesson 7. Bra Embellishments | 25:42

With a basic bra in your repertoire, you can start branching out with fun embellishments such as ribbons and lace. Beverly explains how to choose lace and shows you how to make a stunning butterfly bra or add lace to the sides and back of your bra. Feast your eyes on the endless possibilities for embellishment as Beverly shares samples from her collection of beautiful bras. You’ll be inspired to get sewing and round out your own collection!

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What materials are used in this class?

  • Recommended pattern to use with this class: Unpadded full-band bra pattern (e.g., Pin-Up Girls Classic, Elan B645, Kwik Sew K2374)
  • Cup, frame and strap fabric: Stable knit with less than 20 percent stretch
  • Band fabric: Stretch knit or mesh with 25-40 percent stretch
  • Upper cup lace fabric or trim (optional)
  • Neckline edge trim
  • Bottom band elastic: 1/2″-3/4″ (13 mm–19 mm) wide
  • Top band elastic: 3/8″ (9 mm) wide
  • Strap elastic: Any width
  • Strap tape: Same width as strap elastic
  • Slider and ring set: Same width as strap elastic
  • 2 x 3 or 3 x 3 hook-and-eye set
  • Neckline stabilizer: Stay tape or twill tape (optional)
  • Channelling/wire casing
  • Underwire pair (optional)

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Just a few reviews from students…

Another Gifted Teacher
by vestaD on July 28, 2016

Beverly is incredible when describing such enigma as one well fit custom bra. You can comprehend and memorize nearly all steps on first watch because of her eloquent explanations and excellent mnemonics ( this lady loves dogs!!)
I am so glad I started this journey- after my first class with her I don’t see any reason why I should stop.
And also I am very grateful for having a chance to attend such high quality classes on my long commute.

Just superb!
by jgmar8818505 on June 16, 2016

I have nothing bad to say about this class. Instructor´s great. Instructions and explanations easy to follow and to comprehend. You learn so muche. Great beginners class for sewing bras. Thank you Beverly!!!

Just lovely
by Sofia Christiansen on May 21, 2016

I bought access today and haven’t yet bought the tools I need to get started. Yet I have been watching all the videos in which she is instructing how to make your first bra.
She is so friendly. Is very thorough and makes the process very easy to understand. She is making sweet, but fun jokes all the way to lighten the mood when it might get tricky. She seems very fast to reply when people have questions. Not short replies. Thorough replies. All in all a really competent teacher with both …

Wonderful Course!
by Ewonne on May 21, 2016

Thank you for explaining how and why. And also with a sense of humor. I especially like altering the pattern part. I have been sewing for a couple of years and also have attended some courses. There are always new things to learn. Basic knowledge is great!

Highly recommended
by A Place to Sew on May 15, 2016

I bought this class after first buying her swimsuit class. Though I haven’t yet started my swimsuit project, I did make a bra. I bought my supplies from her company, Bra-makers Supply, including her Pin-up Girls Classic bra pattern. I’m really happy I did. I watched the video through once, then watched it again once I received my supplies. I started the project on a Thursday night at around 8, worked for maybe 2 hours or so (just following along as she instructed), did perhaps 20 more minutes …

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Does this class come with a pattern?

No, it doesn’t, because you’ll need to know how to measure your bra size correctly.  Beverly gives you all the measuring information you’ll need in the first lesson of this class. Then you can order the Classic Bra pattern or the Craftsy kit right here from Bra-makers Supply!

How long is this class available to me?

As long as you need! Your access never expires, so you can come back again and again.

When does the class start?

Whenever you’re ready! The lessons are available online any time, and your access to the class never expires.

What if I have questions?

Ask your questions in our online classroom and you’ll receive instructor feedback. Your fellow students are also likely to jump in and offer advice from their experiences.

Making bras is really complicated, isn‘t it? Will this class be too hard for me if I’m not an experienced sewer?

Actually, you’ll be surprised at how simple bra construction is! Beverly walks you through a standard full-band bra pattern and encourages you not to worry about perfection on your first try. Use that first bra to get a feel for the process and then to check and adjust your fit. When you see the many ways you can embellish your custom-fit bra, you’ll be inspired to make a whole line just for yourself!

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