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swimwear kits - the essentials KB-048 beige from Bra-Makers Supply KB - Swimwear Kits
Swimwear Kit:

The Essentials


Beige (Pantone 14-1212)

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PB-8416 - Sweet Sixteen Bralette Pattern Collection $20.00 1 Add to Cart
craftsy bra-making kit - sewing bras construction fit KB-023 pink.fuchsia from Bra-Makers Supply Hamilton KB-023 - Craftsy Bra-Making Kit - Sewing Bras Construction Fit
Pattern Size:

Pink - sizes 30-38 AAA-D


Fuchsia (Pantone 17-2624)

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regular underwire metal bra underwire WR-3-36 from Bra-Makers Supply set of 3 shown WR - Regular Underwire Metal Bra Underwires
Underwire Package:

Set of 3 Sizes

Underwire Size:

34 (36) 38

Out of stock

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stretch satin mirror satin sampler pack FR-MIRSATIN from Bra-Makers Supply FR-MIRSATIN - Stretch Satin Mirror Satin Sampler Pack $5.00 1 Add to Cart
linings fusibles sampler pack FL-LINING from Bra-Makers Supply FL-LINING - Linings Fusibles Sampler Pack $5.00 1 Add to Cart
duoplex sampler pack FJ-DUOPLEX from Bra-Makers Supply FJ-DUOPLEX - Duoplex Sampler Pack $5.00 1 Add to Cart
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