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three quarters inch 19mm RM-600 S beige nylon coated metal rings sliders or frappe Pantone 14-1212 from Bra-Makers Supply 100 sliders shown RM - Nylon Coated Metal Sliders Rings
Strap Width:

¾" (19 mm)


Beige (Pantone 14-1212)


Bulk Bag - 100 Sliders

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reversible fold-over elastic binding EF-5 beige or Pantone 14-1212 Frappe from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown EFR-50 Reversible Fold-Over Elastic Binding-Bulk Rolls - Beige (Pantone 14-1212) $100.00
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Mens Underwear Pattern $22.00
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