RP Bra Test

Supply List
-underwire casing
-strap elastic
-ring slider
-picot elastic
-foam padding
-Plastic stays
-hook eye tape
-power mesh
-2 way stretch fabric

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regular underwire metal bra underwire WR-3-36 from Bra-Makers Supply set of 3 shown WR - Regular Underwire Metal Bra Underwires
Underwire Package:

Set of 3 Sizes

Underwire Size:

34 (36) 38

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soft touch bra strap elastic ES-31 white from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown ES-31 - Soft Touch Bra Strap Elastic - White (Pantone 11-0601)
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foam push-up pads from bra-makers supply size medium MC-18 - Foam Push-Up Pads - Medium 

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3x3 bra hook and eye fuchsia HS-33 or 3x3 hook and eye back closures rose violet Pantone 17-2624 from Bra-Makers Supply front shown HS - Bra Hook and Eye Back Closures
Hook and Eye Width:

3 x 3


Fuchsia (Pantone 17-2624)

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