heat shrink underwire casing UHS-316 from Bra-Makers Supply on underwire flat shown UHS-316 - Heat Shrink Underwire Cover $2.50 1 Add to Cart
short underwire metal bra underwires WS-50 from Bra-Makers Supply pair shown WS - Short Underwire Metal Bra Underwires
Underwire Package:


Underwire Size:


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Metal Magnetic Bra Clip Magnetic Bra Front Back Fastener
Strap Width:

½" (12 mm)


Black (Pantone 19-4007)

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metal slider hooks SH-60 black from Bra-Makers Supply 1 black set shown SH - Metal Slider Hooks - Set - 1 Slider Hook, 1 Slider Eye, Black (Pantone 19-4007) $4.00 1 Add to Cart
HE-53 - Nylon Hook and Eye Tape - Black (Pantone 19-4007)
How many metres would you like? (m):


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Black Locking Zipper Bra-makers Supply Locking Zippers - Black (Pantone 19-4007) $6.00 1 Add to Cart
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