Ladies – we have your nudes!

When looking for a bra that is virtually invisible under any clothing, lingerie shopping experts advise buying a “nude” colour; in other words, a colour that matches your skin tone. But there are dozens of skin tones from very light to…

Move the Apex on Your Bra Cup

If the bra you made seems to push your breasts in an east/west direction instead of straight ahead, you might want to move the apex of the bra cup to create the illusion of a more forward appearance. In this drawing, I've exaggerated the difference…
Promoting your Breasts to a New Job Amber's wall of nursing bras

Promoting your Breasts to a New Job!

Promoting your Breasts to a New Job! In a previous post, I talked about the job your breasts have been preparing for since your teenage years. When you are pregnant, you may get away with a retro fitted "regular" bra such as the Classic or…