Our first day in beautiful Barcelona with our group of bra-makers. We joined some of the people from the quilting group to go on a tapas tour.  Can you spot Rebecca, Margaret, Yolande and Denise in this picture?

What’s that, you ask? Tapas is the Spanish word for bite size appetizers that you find in many bars, usually with a slice of baguette as a base and meat, fish or cheese on top. Some of them are quite lovely to look at! I almost didn’t want to eat them…almost. I managed to scarf down quite a few of them!

Legend has it that Tapas started when workers went to restaurants and found they couldn’t afford both food and drink. So they opted for drink only and then, oddly enough couldn’t work in the afternoon! Could it be alcohol on an empty stomach? Just sayin’.
So the law was struck that drinking establishments had to accompany the sale of alcohol with small plates of bread, cheese and meat or fish. Isn’t that a great story? ( our guide, Judith, told us that!)
We went to three tapas restaurants as part of the tapas tour. All of the restaurants were in the old Gothic quarter, home of some fabulous architecture. The tour was in the evening so all the buildings were lit up.
Really old buildings!

All three restaurants had quite different atmospheres as well as menus. The final tapas tour bar had us play a drinking game that involved drinking without letting the container touch your lips! We all tried it…mine ran down my chin but I think Yolande had been practicing before we got here! She didn’t spill a single drop!

An apple liqueur shooter finished off the tapas tour and 24 happy cruisers walked …or shall I say….sauntered back to the hotel…I am sure some were singing along the way! I wonder what tomorrow’s activities will bring?

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  1. sandrajager
    sandrajager says:

    Barcelona is amazing! The food, architecture, and atmosphere are unlike anywhere else I have ever been. Enjoy yourself and make sure to beware of pickpockets – they are everywhere.


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