This weekend the staff had a “work social”, and we went to the home of Carl and Joan Konig who own Sew It Was, a most unique collection of antique sewing machines dating back to the mid 1800s. But that is really Carl’s collection, and while he is busy building things to house and display these fine machines, Joan keeps herself busy in the garden.

It’s been a 25 year project with the original land being a cornfield! The landscaping is incredible! It makes me want to go home and rip my back yard apart and start over (with Joan’s help of course!)

Through the arch is a circular garden with spokes running out for easy walking. The beds are filled to overflowing with flowers that keep the garden in colour all season long!

Beautiful tall blue spruce all around!

Look at this unusual flower. It is a Moonflower and just look at the polka dot seed pods! I knew polka dots were the latest rage, but I didn’t know it extended to the garden as well!

I had never seen such a riot of colour, and yet, this garden was so perfectly coordinated…every flower was in a place where it would show off to its best advantage.

Above is a lantana flower. What a perfect mix of pink, yellows and oranges! They provided such bright and cheery colour in between the green hostas and leaves.

My sincere thanks to Carl and Joan Konig for the invitation to their home and museum. Surrounded by antique sewing machines, walking though an incredible and inspiring secret garden, then back to my house for a BBQ for the staff! This has been a most wonderful day! 

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  1. ~GG~
    ~GG~ says:

    That certainly is a glorious garden. Oh to be there when the hollyhock is blooming. My mom has a black hollyhock that is SO rich and lovely. Never thought I'd like a black flower so much,but it's sort of hued purple too.

    The purple double blossom with the fun polka dots is definitely Datura. 🙂 My mom's been growing that same color combo this summer and other colors several summers before. Datura grows with blossoms to the sky. Brugmansia also known as Angel's Trumpet grows with it's blossoms facing the ground, much like a horn player who has his trumpet pointed down at his side. I didn't know it would grow as well in mid-west / eastern Canada. How very cool! We too just discovered the polka dotty seed pods. So fun.

    Lantana is also such a rich and glorious plant. We can grow a few in the Pacific NW, but it great amazingly well in Texas where I first saw it.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. 🙂 My heart is always happiest around gardens and flowers.

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Just beautiful. But what you call a " moonflower" looks to me like datura, which is Jimson Weed. Maybe you call datura that in Canada? Eagerly waiting for more Bra-related posts!


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