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Racer Back Ingrid

If you’ve made our new Ingrid pattern, you will quickly realize that it could easily be adapted to be a sports bra. One thing it lacks however is a back typical of sports bras – a racer back. These backs are often called Y-backs or sports backs, but with slight variation they are all the […]

Your Birthday Suit Challenge Entries

July’s challenge was all about wearing your birthday suit. No, we didn’t want to you to appear naked in this challenge, but as close to it as you are comfortable with! Yes, that’s right, we wanted you to work with sheer fabrics. There are so many sheer fabrics available for bra-making, yet some of you […]

Disco Ingrid!

Our recent non-wired bra pattern Ingrid has had rave reviews from both testers and the first wave of the bra-making public. However, there are still some who are hesitant to try a non-wired bra, saying it might be too”matronly” looking. We made a super sexy Disco Ingrid to show you that the choice of fabrics […]

How to Sew Ingrid

Ingrid is a non-wired support bra from the design team at Pin-up Girls. Together we’ve created a bra pattern with the largest size range on the planet. Ingrid has a lot of pieces, and they all contribute to the engineering of this remarkable bra. Here, then is how to sew Ingrid, so that your sewing […]

Introducing Ingrid

We’ve been asked many times for a pattern for a non-wired bra that would not only support, but flatter the larger bust. A bra that does not rely on underwires for support, and one that could have a front opening, such as a zipper or hook and eye fastening if one so desired. A bra […]

Take Pride Challenge Entries

Our theme for the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge this month was Take Pride. We challenged you to use the six rainbow colours of Pride to create your own intimate apparel. You had fun with this challenge! Here are the Take Pride Challenge Entries and what the makers had to say about them. Agi ” This month I’d […]


Sew Simple Bralettes

Recently I was asked to do a book collaboration with Nancy’s Notions. I was thrilled beyond belief as I’d been a fan of hers for over 35 years!. The book would have 32 pages of how to instructions and photos for 6 projects plus a pattern. Sounds easy doesn’t it?…that is, until I asked what the […]

Your Birthday Suit!

When someone suggests to you that you “wear your birthday suit” what do you think they are suggesting? That’s right – they are asking you to get naked! But this challenge is not about that at all  (good heavens…NO!) We are asking you to work with sheer fabrics – so you only appear nude but […]

8 ways to wear a Bralette

Bralettes have become the biggest small thing in the lingerie world.  It’s no wonder – they are super comfortable, easy to wear and easy to make. But did you know how versatile they can be? I recently wrote a book called Sew Simple Bralettes for Nancy’s Notions and to celebrate the launch of this new […]

Behind the Scenes at Nancy’s Notions

One of my fondest memories was of my mom and I stopping for our lunch at work, then taking some time afterward to watch Sewing with Nancy on public television. That was one of  few sewing shows available to us on the east coast of Canada and we loved it. Imagine my surprise when 30 […]

Hop to it Challenge Entries

Once again, we present our amazing and talented customers and their  Hop to it Challenge Entries. I must admit,. that the end of the month was getting closer, and there were very few entries! However literally, the last day, and …poof…we had a lot of submissions. So thank you to all this month. now let’s […]

12 uses for Sheer Cup Lining

Sheer Cup Lining is useful stuff. It is light and see-through and stable as well. I am sure you use it for lining cups (after all – that’s its name…) But there are many uses for Sheer Cup Lining that you might not know about. Here are 12 uses for Sheer Cup Lining. 1. Use Sheer […]

March Challenge Fashion Show

Our theme for our March Challenge was Splash into Spring, for which we asked you to make swimwear of any type, colour or fabric. I can’t believe how many of you had never tried making swimwear prior to this month! That’s what a challenge is all about – pushing yourself out of your envelope and […]

An Easy Cover-up

Picture yourself at the beach in your lovely new swimsuit…but you would like to walk along the beach to take in the sunset. Do you take your walk in your swimsuit, bikini or monokini? Or do you go back to the hotel room to change? Here’s the ideal compromise – an easy cover-up to make […]

February Challenge Fashion Show

For the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge 2018, we asked you to make intimate apparel from RED stretch satin. You did not disappoint us! Here is our February Challenge Fashion Show! I’ve tried to keep the entries in first-name alphabetical order. First up is Agnes H, from Hungary. She emails “ I have been sewing for 30 years for […]

That Peek-a-boo Bra

For those of you have been following my Facebook page, The Fairy Bra Mother, I recently posted a picture of a red satin bra that garnered quite a bit of attention. A lot of you expressed an interest in learning how to make it. So here now in keeping with our Love Yourself Challenge theme, […]

How to work with Stretch Satin

Recently, I wrote a Stretch Satin Primer, detailing some tips on choosing and cutting wonderfully luxurious stretch satin. No post on how to work with stretch satin would be complete without some sewing tips. Here are some based on my experience. Stitching Seams You can use a straight stitch if you are sewing in the […]

A Stretch Satin Primer

Stretch Satin is wonderfully luxurious and so silky, it’s almost liquid to the touch! Nothing says sexy like satin! In this tutorial, I want to share with you a Stretch Satin primer, so that you will be able to create luxurious, comfortable, supportive and sexy lingerie. Stretch satin, printed or plain,  is almost always made […]

Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge

Everyone wants to improve their bra-making skills, right? How can you do that on your own? One way is to challenge yourself each month with a new fabric you’ve never sewn before, or a pattern you’ve never made before. You’ll learn techniques you never thought you could master by making something outside of your comfort […]

How to make lace edged underwear

Confession time….the problem I have with store-bought underwear is the elastic at the legs. It’s got a stranglehold on my legs it seems, especially when I am sitting at the computer. To express it as a town from an Agatha Christie novel…Much-binding-in-the-groin. Here’s how I solved the problem – by making lace edged underwear. It’s fun and […]

Boob Camp October 2017

We held Boob Camp October 2017 recently and it was a bittersweet time for all of us. It was to be, not only the last Boob Camp in our old building but our last class of the year. We had hoped to be in the new location to have these last few classes, but it […]

How we made the Spider Bra

A lot of you have commented on our Spider bra we made for Halloween. It’s on our Ashley mannequin in the window of the new store (along with a life-size witch who cackles when folks walk by) A lot of you also asked how we made the spider bra. I didn’t originally intend for this to […]

Boob Camp August 2017

Here we are again as we finish up another one! These are the makes from Boob Camp August 2017. As you know, we always start off making the basic white Classic bra just to perfect the fit. Then we start playing with colours, fabrics and techniques to make some really lovely bras. Here they are: […]


Tale of Two Triangles

Every now and then someone brings in foam cups from a ready to wear swimsuit for us to match up to what we have. Most often we have something very similar if not identical. However recently someone brought in a swimsuit top that had triangle cups but they weren’t like ours. How can that be? […]

10 Commandments of Sewing

Did you ever meet someone with whom you had so many common interests and you bonded right away? That’s how I felt about Joan McKenna on our European Lingerie Tour. Joan teaches college level sewing classes in San Diego (and is now their Program Director!) It wasn’t the first time I had met her – she […]

How to work with Latex

If you have ever wanted to glimpse into a fascinating world of which you know nothing, I strongly suggest you take a class in which you learn how to work with latex. I took such a class recently in Amsterdam, where I went with 19 other ladies (and one gentleman) on the European Lingerie Tour. One […]