The first beginner bra class is over in Stockholm and what a first class group they were! As soon as they settled in yesterday morning, they were eager to sew.

The language barrier was not a problem, as their English was WAY better than my Swedish! But I drew on the board whenever it seemed necessary

This was one of the fastest group of bra-makers I have seen! They all finished early on the second day and so were able to start a second bra, using the butterfly lace technique. They all got the lace on the cups, and the cups into the frame. Some of them got some of the elastics on! 

Here are the results. The background is courtesy of the sofa in the Scandic Bromma hotel!
This gal finished two bras and was all done by 3:30. Well done! Is’t the turquoise lovely?

Here’s a black bra with grape coloured lace.

Check out this stunning black cherry with deep fuchsia lace and trim!

Next up – black background with red and black lace. I love this lace!

Two tones of purple grace this butterfly bra

Meanwhile, another student used the lilac duoplex with a multi-coloured lace, with tones of bright pink, lilac, turquoise and teal.

Finally, one student opted for a second white bra, styled after her favourite ready-to-wear brand, Prima Donna!

Here is our happy group of first class bra-makers at the end of the class. Students travelled from all over Sweden and one came all the way from Ireland!

Congratulations everyone! I hope to see you next year in other classes!

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