Yesterday was a day of firsts for me.

First, I was denied access to my flight out of our local airport because I was five minutes beyond the 45 minute boarding time cut off. Five minutes!  For “safety” reasons, they said they could not let me board because there would not be time to x-ray my suitcase before the plane left. Even though  I could clearly see the X-ray machine and there was no one in the line up…and even though I confessed to having a pair of scissors in my suitcase so they wouldn’t panic when they saw those lethal weapons! No deal.
I had to go home and come back at 7 pm for another flight. Oh yes, and she kindly knocked the fee of $75 down to $50. There’s always money involved in those “safety” decisions, isn’t there?
Problem. I don’t own a cell phone and neither does Cam, so I had to wait until such time as he would get home, tell home to come back to the airport and fetch me, then return to the airport before 5 pm.
I put the morning to good use. I bought his and hers cellphones! First time for me having a cellphone and I bought an IPhone…why buy something not compatible with my IPad? I still have no idea how to use it, but if necessary in an emergency, I will commandeer some young person and force them at scissor point to make a call for me!
At long last, nearing midnight, I finally arrived. travelling through Edmonton to get to Saskatoon from Hamilton. If you don’t know what I mean, that is travelling west to go east. Noreen picked me up and we decided to not travel to the monastery last night but would go in the morning. Great plan!
This morning, I got to take a picture of the spring water level on the road.

You can see the water is very close to the road. This is not the first year it has been this close so I wasn’t too worried. Yes, those are bugs on the windshield! Spring has arrived in Saskatchewan!
This year, I have the Abbots suite. It has a nice large window with a great breeze and I can hear the birds. Another first!

This was waiting on the bed for me. A goodie bag with Los of stuff!

And what’s this….?

Very cool! A chatelaine for me to carry all the stuff I need for sewing! That’s a first for sure. 
Thank you, thank you! This is the start of a great conference.
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