When I say, I have arrived, I mean that in both the literal and the figurative senses of the word. After 3 flights ( Toronto to Detroit, Detroit to Tokyo and lastly Tokyo to Taiwan) almost 18 hours in the air…I have arrived.

After picking up my bags at customs (believe me it was a relief that they followed me here through all the flights and border crossings) I was greeted by two new friends, Agneta from Sweden and Irene, both students in the Fashion program at the university.
Here I am in front of the doors to the hotel.
What a posh hotel entrance! But after some confusion about how to make the room door open ( everything is wireless so you just wave the key in front of the door and it magically opens) this is what greeted me in the room.

I was certain I was in the wrong room! This is one end of the living room around the corner from the main part.

And this my friends is the bath suite. Am I sure I won’t have to share this with someone else? Lol…seems too big for just me. On either side of this counter are rooms..one big one for the WC and one big one for a walk in shower.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, also a whirlpool tub!

Last but not least…a room off the bath suite with two chairs and a huge window overlooking the area.

I just had to share this..it’s really over the top! Oh yes, fresh bottled water in the room too! So already I have forgotten the long, tiring flights and I am looking forward to some sightseeing tomorrow. We are going to the lace market. Ta tas for now!

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