When looking for a bra that is virtually invisible under any clothing, lingerie shopping experts advise buying a “nude” colour; in other words, a colour that matches your skin tone. But there are dozens of skin tones from very light to very dark and not enough suitable bra cup fabrics to match them. If you’ve been looking for that illusive “nude” colour in vain, here are some ideas to build your perfect nude. That’s right, by combing two fabrics strategically, you can make a perfect fabric that is perfect for your skin. Ladies – we have your nudes!

Here’s our lovely staff members showing how different skin tones can be:      Jasmin,                       Abigail                           and Shayla

Look how different our peach duoplex is with on overlay of sheer fabrics: the duoplex without any overlay is second from the right. From the top: Peach Duoplex with White Sheer Cup Lining, Peach Duoplex by itself, Peach Duoplex with Light Beige Sheer Cup Lining, and Peach Duoplex with Beige Stretch Mesh. See how the colour changes with the addition of the sheer.

Love beige but it is not quite the “right” Beige? Here’s our beige duoplex with 4 different overlays: Beige Duoplex with Light Beige Sheer CupLining, Beige Duoplex with Beige Stretch Mesh, Beige Duoplex with Black Bee Tulle, and finally, Beige Duoplex with Black Adore Dot Mesh.
Light Copper might be the most versatile Duoplex shade for combinations! Our light copper Duoplex is too light against Jasmine’s skin but a little too dark for Shayla. However, when we add a lightweight layer of a sheer overlay over it…whoa! It’s perfect! Here is Light Copper Duoplex with Beige Sheer Cup, Light Copper Duoplex with Beige Stretch Mesh, Light Copper Duoplex with Black Bee Tulle, Light Copper Duoplex with Adore Dot Mesh.
Finally, here is our chocolate duplex with 4 overlays: Chocolate Duoplex by itself, Chocolate Duoplex with Black Bee Tulle, Chocolate Duoplex with Adore Dot Mesh in Black, Chocolate Duoplex with Black Sheer Cup Lining. Notice that even though all the overlay fabric in this case, are black, the results are quite different depending on the openness of the mesh on the overlay fabric.
The overlay can warm up and lighten the base fabric, or it can darken it. It depends on the combination of fabrics.They all produce slightly different variations of colour.

If you sew for many different skin tones, you might want to consider buying  what I will call a Skin Tone Sampler Pack, a sampling of colours that you can audition for skin tones in your own home. The skin tone pack contains 4 different base fabrics and at least 4 different sheer overlay fabrics, so you can combine each to see how they look.

How do I work with 2 layers of fabric?

Once you’ve identified the combination that works best for you, the question becomes – how to work with a two-fabric combo. My favourite method is to temporarily laminate the two together with a spray adhesive, before cutting out the pattern. Use a spray designed for sticking fabrics together, such as Perfect Baste or Quick Stick. Simply spray the most opaque of the two (in this case, spray the right side of the Duoplex) and lay the sheer on top. Smooth it out. Then cut out the pieces and sew the bra as you normally would. The pieces will stay together during the sewing process.

That’s how easy it is to build your perfect nude. Now that you know the secret, why not give double layer fabrics a try in your sewing room?

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  1. CAROL Williamson
    CAROL Williamson says:

    I would like to see bras made to look like real women’s press your not round they have a point in the shape There hasn’t been somebody out there they were really knows how to make a beautiful many women sizes

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      My classic bra has always been criticized as being “too pointy” so I think my look is what you are going for. I prefer to think of my look as “perky” but I have done this bra pattern in over 90 unique sizes. best news – all sizes are included in one pattern!

  2. Penny
    Penny says:

    Wow! This is such great information! I will definitely be adding a sample pack to my next order 🙂


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