I have been very proud of the fact that Hamilton’s Ottawa Street was named Canada’s top shopping street, due partly to the abundance of fabric and antique shops within a few short city blocks. Yes, I counted 13 fabric shops between Barton and Cannon Street, so Ottawa Street definitely qualifies as the “fabric district”.

However what constitutes a fabric district in Canada is vastly different than that of Taipei. In two days here, I have visited more “fabric district” than I have in my whole life! What an amazing city! The street we were on today is considered the wholesale fabric area, so samples are hung outside (near the scooters for convenience, I suppose)
The stock is in the back, or down the street or wherever. Wherever it is, it is piled high. To. The. Roof. The ceilings are 16′ high (5 metres) but it doesn’t look like that here. How they ever locate anything is beyond me, although Agneta says they use an ingenious coding system to number and locate fabric rolls.

I did visit one store that was well organized, and that store carried spandex and performance fabrics.

Again, these were all just samples of what they carried in the back. I have to say, all the fabrics were up to date, and they were quick to tell you if the fabric was “older” which means they will sell it cheaper!

I was tempted to buy swim fabric but resisted, as I knew there were more lace stores to come along.
There was also a store that sold notions, but not like any other notions store in Canada or the USA! Picture a yard sale paired with an elastic and sequin store and you have the idea.

We were going to stop at this restaurant for lunch, and I snapped this picture because I thought the name was very unusual. ( the Dumpling Tiger) But the place closed at 2 pm and we didn’t get there in time. We ate some roast chicken and veggies in a street stall down the street.

So that was my shopping trip for today. I think Ottawa Street has some competition out there! Serious. Competition. But you need a few days in Taipei to take advantage of these great treasure troves!
Oh yes, I did buy more laces, all multi coloured embroidered tulle and a few stretch laces too. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Right now, I have to get ready for my class tomorrow at 9 am!
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