Corset Fabrics and Patterns

What is the perfect fabric for a corset? Any fabric you want, as long as it has a strong liner behind it for support! You can make any corset from many fabrics, as long as you have the right foundation fabric.

But what about a pattern? At Bra-makers Supply, we have the perfect selection of Corset Fabrics and Patterns, with more to come in the near future.

Coutil is the fabric of choice for corset making, as it is specifically made for corset making. It features a tightly woven herringbone weave, with no stretch in either direction. We carry 2 different qualities of Coutil. If you are making a corset for tight lacing or everyday use, we recommend the Stiff Coutil. For occasional use, the Regular Coutil is more than adequate.

When it comes to Corset patterns and fabrics, you do not need to go anywhere else. We have the right foundations fabrics to use under any outer fabric you choose,;as well as our versatile corset pattern that will sew up easily and fit well. More patterns coming soon!