• three quarters inch 19mm Strap Elastic pink ES-6 or three quarters inch 19mm Satin Strap Elastic pink dogwood Pantone 12-1706 from Bra-makers Supply Hamilton 1 metre roll shown

    ES – Satin Strap Elastic Bra Strap Elastic

    $1.80$2.80 per Metre
  • power net power mesh FP-1 turquoise or stretch bra band wings fabric bachelor button Pantone 14-4522 from Bra-Makers Supply folded

    FP-1 – Regular Power Net

    $30.00 per Metre
  • stretch mesh fabric FP-7 royal blue from Bra-Makers Supply hand shown

    FP-7 – Stretch Mesh Fabric

    $24.00 per Metre
  • reversible fold-over elastic binding EF-5 fuchsia or Pantone 17-2624 Rose Violet from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    EF – Reversible Fold-Over Elastic Binding

    $1.80 per Metre
  • three quarters inch 19 mm firm bra band elastic EB-672 platinum or three quarters inch 19 mm plush back elastic griffin Pantone 17-5102 from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    EB-72 – Firm Bra Band Elastic Plush Back Elastic

    $1.80$2.50 per Metre
  • long underwire metal bra underwires long

    WL – Long Underwire Metal Bra Underwires

  • size 42 hi-cut foam bra cups swimwear cups beige MH-42 frappe Pantone 13-1106 from Bra-Makers Supply cup outside

    MH – Hi-Cut Foam Bra Cups Swimwear Cups

  • WCL – Continuous Low Uni-Wires Metal Uni-Wire

  • metal magnetic bra clip magnetic bra front back fastener from Bra-Makers Supply all colours sizes

    CM – Metal Magnetic Bra Clip Magnetic Bra Front Back Fastener

  • PB-8416 – Sweet Sixteen Bralette Pattern Collection

  • decorative bra bows AB-1 pink from Bra-Makers Supply set of 2 shown

    AB-1 – Decorative Bra Bows

  • decorative polka-dot bra bows AB-21.40 black dots on pink from Bra-Makers Supply set of 2 shown

    AB – Decorative Polka-Dot Bra Bows

  • clear wall display form AD-700 from Bra-Makers Supply side front hanging view

    AD-700 – Clear Wall Bra Display Form

  • decorative luggage tag AJ-4 from Bra-Makers Supply front side shown

    Decorative Luggage Tag

  • hygeinic panty swimwear liner from Bra-Makers Supply

    AL – Hygienic Panty Swimwear Liner