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sixteen inch or 40.5 cm heavy steel corset busks BB-16 black from Bra-Makers Supply BB - Heavy Steel Corset Busks

Black (Pantone 19-4007)

Busk Length:

16" (40.5 cm)

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cotton boning casing BT-09 black from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown BT-09 - Cotton Boning Casing - Black (Pantone 19-4007)
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metal corset grommets or two part eyelets BG-00 black from Bra-Makers Supply package of 144 shown BG - Metal Corset Grommets Two-Part Eyelets

Black (Pantone 19-4007)

Grommet Size:


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size 00 five thirty seconds of an inch or 4 mm grommet hole cutting dies BGH-56.00 fro Bra-Makers Supply front view shown BGH-56 - Grommet Hole Cutting Dies - #00 

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size 00 three sixteenths of an inch or 5 mm grommet setting dies from Bra-Makers Supply front top view shown BGD-38 - Grommet Setting Dies - #00 $150.00
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