• Rayon Fabric Underwear Kit With Pattern

  • Rayon Fabric Underwear Kit Bra-makers Supply with Cat Print

    Rayon Fabric Underwear Kit

  • Boxer Rayon Underwear Kit With Pattern

    Boxer Rayon Underwear Kit With Pattern

  • Heathered Grey with black Dogs Rayon Boxer

    Boxer Rayon Underwear Kit

  • NM-26- Pilot FriXion Erasable Fineliner

  • EN-16 – Prism Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim

    $2.00 per Metre
  • EN-14 – Feathered Stretch Elastic Trim

    $2.00 per Metre
  • 3/8″ Fancy Scalloped Edge Plush Back Band Elastic

    $2.00 per Metre
  • ES-51 ⅝” Satin Bra Strap Elastic

    $2.50 per Metre
  • EF-516 – 5/16″ Reversible Fold-Over Elastic Binding

    $2.00 per Metre
  • 3x3 bra hook and eye pink HS-33 or 3x3 hook and eye back closures dogwood pink Pantone 12-1706 from Bra-Makers Supply front attached shown

    Pre-Packaged Bra Hook and Eye Back Closures

  • Red Men's Underwear kit Bra-makers Supply

    Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit

  • Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit and Pattern

    Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit with Pattern

  • For header of Big Book Bundle

    Big Book Bundle – Books by Beverly Johnson

  • Sweet Heart Bra Kit