Love Steampunk? Love corsets whose grommets match the busk and other metal trims? Then you are reading the right blog post!

We just received our custom order of antique bronze grommets, size #00, which is a 3/16″ or 5 mm size. I have not seen this colour available in a real grommet with two sides. EVER. Yes, I have seen eyelets in this colour but eyelets have only one side and the crimped metal has an irritating tendency to scratch your back when wearing the corset.
Not so, these grommets with shank and washer sides, for easy application with a grommet press or by hand if you enjoy that special kind of pain!

Remember, when you are tired of hammering away…..we have really good hand presses for sale too! These presses include your choice of #00 or #2 grommet setting dies. You can also purchase any other size die, from #0 to #5 by special order. And for those who already own the Cadillac of grommet presses, we also sell jam dies for each of the sizes too. 

What’s a jam die? Think of jam dies as the perfect replacement to noisy hole punches and unwieldy leather punches. Just insert the jam die into the press, and press down to cut a perfect hole in the fabric. And it laughs at multiple corset layers! Here’s a picture of the size 00 on the left and the size 2 ( 3/8″ or 10 mm) jam dies on the right.

These new grommets are in stock and available now at

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