The last few posts have been about tulles, those lovely embroidered meshy tulles that are so at home on an upper cup! But not everyone wants tulle all the time. Sometimes you just want a stretch lace. For panties to match your new bra, as just one example. Here are some stretch laces that are for sale now at Bra-makers Supply.

LS-23.85. Now that have learned to crack our product codes (from this post), you know that this one is about 2″ (5 cm) wide. And what a cutie this is! I think this would be fabulous at the top lace on a pair of panties…or knickers, depending on where you are.

LS-52.83 is a soft colouring of taupe and brown. 

LS-63.28 I call the Copper Zebra because the design in the lace reminds me of zebra markings. Except for the copper colour, of course!

Here’s a winning combination of colours in LS-63.94…pink on black

And lastly for now…LS-81.102 a wide (8″ or 20 cm) stretch lace. Wouldn’t this be lovely in all lace boy shorts?

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