Blog readers might want to know more about our famous Boob Camps. Yes, Boob Camp! Five days of sewing bras for yourself without the interruptions of your everyday life. No meals to prepare, no dogs/cats/kids/husbands wanting out/in/out/in etc. (cue the Angel choir here!)
Just you and your sewing machine off to a mini getaway. You can still go home at night if you live in the area, but you can say you’ve been working much too hard to do more work when you get home.
Boob Camp started in 2007 when our students told us that they wanted more, more, more than “just” a two day class. A lot of them come from “away” so repeated trips to Hamilton for two day stints isn’t very practical. So we booked a five day session. Let’s see how it goes, we said. That first boob camp was filled to capacity and we’ve been thrilled with the results. It’s much easier to keep sewing bras once you get the fit down pat in the first day – the rest of the week you can make all kinds of designer bras. Some of the students went home with 6 new, perfectly-fitting bras!

We have lots of students who bring a Bosom Buddy, or a Breast Friend (or two) to Boob Camp. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your sister, mother or friends who share your passion for sewing.
Even if you travel on your own to Boob Camp, you won’t be alone once you get here. You will spend a week of sharing a passion for sewing with other enthusiasts. When you talk about your sewing projects, no one’s eyes glaze over! 

Since we purchased machines for the classroom (4 lovely computerized machines!) most women don’t bother to bring their own, unless they live within driving distance. The cost for the 5 day rental is only $50…cheaper than risking your baby in the cargo hold!
Boot camps are scheduled 5-8 times this year in winter, spring, summer and fall.  We call the Spring Boob Camp – Mardi Bra, as it always falls in the week of Mardi Gras. (we like our name much better!) For more information on boob camps, please call our registration hotline at 905-538-1396.

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