Do you have a sewing business where you are asked to make a bra for someone? Do you wish you had more experience fitting? We teach a class which teaches you how to fit a bra pattern to a woman’s unique body. We call that class Bra Fit for Every Body. It’s a catchy title but more than that, it’s exactly what you will learn in the 5 days you are with us. Bra Fit. For. Every. Body. No matter what size breasts, or body type you are faced with, you will learn how to fit them into a bra pattern.


You will start by identifying the 5 body types and what issues they have to face when buying ready-to-wear. Then you will learn what fabrics to use for the cups and the bands, as well as what bra styles suit that body type. Along the way, you will see the support levels and the breast shapes that determine the alterations you make to the bra pattern.


Then we start the real alteration process. There are many alterations you can make to a bra pattern, but which ones will remove the wrinkle in the cup, or the wrinkles in the frame? If the bridge doesn’t tack to the wall, do you alter the bridge or is it something else?


What about those Omegas, or the low contours? Is it possible to fit every woman on the planet? Yes it is!


Valuable Lessons, Charts and Tools for Fitting

One of the most valuable lessons in the Bra Fit for Every Body class is the access to the Universal Fit Chart, developed by Beverly Johnson. This chart is a valuable tool that will tell you so much more than meets the eye. In addition, you’ll also get the client alterations sheets that she uses in every class. They are perfect if you want to teach bra-making at some point, or if you want an easy check list for client fitting. Furthermore, you’ll learn the secrets of measuring, plus how to put your customer at ease when fitting. (She is naked from the waist up, after all!)


Almost anyone can pick up a book, including our own Bra-makers Manual  and read about fitting. However, do not under-estimate the value of this hands-on class. Not only will you learn from the woman who (literally) wrote the book on bra fitting, but you will learn dozens of tips learned from real-world experience. Students come from around the world to learn from the Fairy Bra Mother. Be one of them! Register today for the next available class scheduled for February 6-10, 2017.

As always, I appreciate and welcome your comments to this post. Did you add it to your collection of bra-making magic?


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  1. Kristina Bergström
    Kristina Bergström says:

    Please do this class in Europe! Preferably in Sweden 😉 I’d love to take it! You are simply the best, Beverly! I’m a beginner in bra-sewing, and am presently struggling to find my own fit, but with every step on the way more understanding sinks in.

  2. Jo Ann Riddle
    Jo Ann Riddle says:

    I am so glad I took this course! I have sewn other garments for people but fitting a bra is not so easy, even if you have a dressmaking background. Beverly taught a very thorough, step by step system that removes the guesswork and teaches you to confidently and expertly fit literally “every” body. Thank you😊

    • Beverly V. Johnson
      Beverly V. Johnson says:

      I am teaching this class February 6-10, 2017 here in Hamilton. Unfortunately I won’t be able to teach in Europe when I am there for the European Lingerie Tour. I will be too busy visiting all the exciting placesthat Mrs. Weaver has planned for us!

    [email protected] says:

    Recently took this class. I had started a small business making bras for others and was slowly getting clients that I was making 2 or 3 bras for before I had it right. Following this class I have ALL the tools and confidence I need to really make this business work and to get the right fit the first time. Can’t give enough credit to Beverly for sharing her trade secrets and helping others. This class is a MUST TAKE!


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