The new crystal collection has just arrived! Stunning pieces of Austrian cut crystal in really good designs, suitable for beachwear, clubwear, formal and cocktail dresses and bodybuilding competition wear. Does that last one surprise you? It shouldn’t. Bodybuilding is big business and those ladies need to show some sparkle too!

Here’s the newest crystal line-up. Solid Six Connector CJ-379 This is a solid piece that could easily be used on a piece of strap elastic . In fact, it was suggested that you could put 3 or 5 of these on a piece of strap elastic as hip trim, and the elastic would be able to stretch across the hip without hurting either the crystals or the elastic.

This is the 40 Crystal Collector CJ-400 – so named because there are 40 Austrian cut crystals on the front of this piece. Just slide the fabric tie or the strap through the slot on the back and you’re done. Easy-peasey crystal trim.

Next is the Interlocking Diamonds CJ-440. Too many crystals here to count. There are 4 button shanks on the back for easy sewing wherever you need it. Can you see this on the front of a cocktail dress right at the bridge area? it is about 3″ (75 mm) tall

Here’s something in two sizes – the large CJ-550 for the sides of a bikini and the small CJ-545 for the front. The small one is 1″ x 1.25″ (25 mm x 32 mm)

 The larger one is 1.25″ x 1.5″ (32 x 37 mm)

You know I have to buy anything with Celtic Knotwork, don’t you? Here it is – the Celtic Crystal CJ-609, just about 3″ (75 mm) tall

Here is a crystal circle CJ-637. This would be very easy to use in a tie front dress. Each side would wrap over the plain area of the circle and stitch back to itself, leaving the crystal area to sparkle above and below the gather fabric.

Check out this bling for fitness competitions! Bodybuilding competitions have very strict rules about what can and can’t be used on the outfits the ladies wear. This three-row hip bling CJ-654 is regulation length (6″ or 15 cm) and has 54 crystals that would look amazing to connect the fronts and the backs of a suit together.

Finally, here’s another hip trim but with more than 60 crystals in a swoop-dee-doo formation. (That’s a work I just thought of!). When tension is on the first top row, the second and third row still swoop very nicely. It is CJ-660

All of these crystals and more are available at! Visit us today!

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