Today was the first day of out Shelley class and they won’t be finished until tomorrow, so I won’t have photos of any Shelley’s until then. However an interesting thing happened tonight.

Tonight was my night as the “live entertainment” part of the evening. Most of the other instructors do a trunk show, or some kind of show and tell. Not me! Apparently I have a reputation out here as some kind of stand up comedian….really!
Wendy asked if I could talk for a half hour, but if you know me, the problem is not finding something to fill 30 minutes, but rather getting me to stop! Once I get on stage or in front of a crowd, I come alive. What a ham! I told them of my tales in Taiwan at Easter and Sweden last year. And they laughed. A LOT! That’s like throwing gas on a fire for me! 
Then the lights went out…all over St.Peters, all over Muenster and all the way to Humboldt. We were in the dark. But no one got up, no one seemed inclined to leave.
So what did I do? I kept on telling stories! No one left, and they kept asking good questions, which led to more stories. I just kept on talking and they kept on laughing! What a rush!
When the lights did come on about a half hour later, I finally said good night and went back to my room. I had to prepare for a class I am taking tomorrow 
Yes, I am taking a class, something I rarely do. I am usually on the other side of the teachers desk. But this class intrigued me so I signed up. This is the description
 “Whether you are using a photograph or a pattern, you can create a unique scene by combining machine stitching, thread painting and fibers.”

OK so that doesn’t sound too exciting. However this is the photo that was beside the description

This picture is made entirely of fabric and thread! Now this seemed like a class I might enjoy!

The class starts tomorrow morning, but I am busy with the Shelley class until noon, so I won’t join the landscape class until the afternoon. But the class goes on all day Wednesday as well, so I should have enough time to get something productive done.

So what am I doing? Here is the rough sketch I did tonight. Can you guess what it will be? I’ll keep you posted on my progress tomorrow and Wednesday!

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  1. Linda Crawford
    Linda Crawford says:

    Beverly, if you ever need a second career, you could be a one woman stand-up comedy act! I'm sure it was lots of fun for everyone! How did you arrange for all those lights to go out? Hmmmm


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