When students finish their Shelley bras, it’s time for the Shelley Digital Fashion Show.  Shelley is my designer bra with a split lower cup, a power bar on the side for push-ahead support, and a lace upper cup. Shelley always looks great with virtually any combinations of fabric colours and lace. Here are a few that our students made in the last day or so. The first is a white and lilac combination. Very simple yet a touch of lilac adds a nice touch.

The next is an ivory and copper combination. You can just see a layer of duoplex lining behind the lace here. Lining behind the lace is a great option if you don’t want the cup totally sheer.

Here’s a wonderful turquoise set with that great embroidered tulle I brought home from Taiwan. This has to be one of my all-time favourite laces!

Next is a sexy black and rose Shelley with pretty trim on the straps. Black is always in fashion, even in the summer. Who knew?

I love this set with the leopard lace! OK, I admit, I have a weakness for cats, and leopard laces. This one is drop dead gorgeous!

Here is one I call Orange Crush! It is almost finished at the time I took the photo. Do you have an Orange Crush?

We had this one finished. Here it is on the model, and the bridge tacks right back to the wall!

Last but not least, here is an ivory and gold combination I really like! Love the fit of this one also back to the wall.

All the students look great in their Shelley bras. We always say…if you like the fit of the Classic bra, you will love the Shelley! Ladies – thank you for sharing your bras in our Shelley Digital Fashion Show!

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  1. Starr and Ian
    Starr and Ian says:

    Whoever the lady is who used the sexy pink and black, tell her for me I love it. I've made two of those so far. One last year on the course, the other with the leftovers I had when I got home. Got one on right now, as a matter of fact!


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