Our theme for our March Challenge was Splash into Spring, for which we asked you to make swimwear of any type, colour or fabric. I can’t believe how many of you had never tried making swimwear prior to this month! That’s what a challenge is all about – pushing yourself out of your envelope and trying new things. Here are the entries and descriptions in their own words,  in the March Challenge Fashion Show!

Agnes H

Here is my entry to the March Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge: a yellow bikini for my daughter. The bottom is drafted by me based on your Craftsy Class on Sewing Panties, Construction and Fit. The front top is a copy of my 20-year-old bandeau-style bikini with floating wires inside, which do not give any support, only make the breasts face the right direction. I also drafted the back of the top based on the Manual. The straps can be unattached in the front when sunbathing. Both parts are underlined because this yellow would be see-through when wet.  (I could not finish my dark blue swimming suit with inner bra yet.)” Several of our staff want to use this lovely bright colour in their own swimwear, Agi!

Anna D.

“Here is my third presentation for the ultimate bra challenge.  Swimsuit pattern is from Jalie. I added an inside foam bra, from a Pin Up Classic pattern, modified thanks to Berkley’s craftsy class about sewing swimsuit. Not quite change compared to a simple swimsuit when I put it on (just a little more difficult to get inside). But I have already tried it twice at swimming pool, that’s a lot of change ! I can swim, plunge, move, get out of the water… My boobs always stay in their place. They never get to slide down on the swimsuit.  That’s great! Thank you, Beverly!!”

Anne Johnson

“I made a swimsuit for my daughter. She didn’t want the centre back seam and liked the idea of extending the patterning to the back of the suit.  We raised the back neck line, moved the strap location more towards the centre back and scooped out the back armhole area for a slight racer back look.  She’s really happy with her new suit.  The PUG pattern fits really well on the first attempt.” That’s a great modification, Anne!

Cassy Montgomery

Cassie writes… “I’m early for this month’s challenge! Yay, no last minute rush. Although I’d hoped to do a second suit, for myself, so may still try to rush a bit. Love working with this eurojersey. So much nicer to work with than regular swim fabric.  This suit is from the Violet pattern for my daughter. (Of course she wouldn’t let me fit the wires to her before I started so now I need to order larger wires, sigh.  Not sure who taught my daughters excessive modesty, wasn’t me 🙂 )  Sewing a small size was more difficult than I expected.  Those small channel curves are harder than large ones. Thanks to the Design and Draft course I was able to modify the pattern as she needed the top smaller than the pattern offered. Give Pixie lots of kisses from me.”  Pixie is always at the shop, supervising our pattern making, so we will give her  your kisses!


“My first swimsuit, easier to sew that I thought. I used the princess tankini pattern and made the top with a built-bra. I also made both the regular and boy short bottoms. Both of the bottoms are fully lined. Love the colour and the feel of the swimsuit fabric.”  Love that you have two different bottoms – so practical, Deborah!

Desiree Gotzen

Desiree offers …“Greetz (Greetings) from Holland! This month I sewed a bikini for curvy ladies. The “photomodel” isn’t curvy at all, so the picture making is also a challenge.”  I love that fabric, Desiree. I made a top for myself out of that same print!

Diane Harold

Diane poses a good question…“This month I decided to try out the #3107 Triangles and Tangas. The v-shaped waist band on the Miami and the Brazilian scrunch on the Maui are great design features. Will definitely be using both in the future. Used up some of my stash in the process. Does this mean I get to buy more fabric??? “  Yes, we think it does, Diane!

Dixie Ball

“These are two swimsuits that I made this January for our cruise. Both of them used Pin Up Girl patterns. They even fit well. ”  You sound surprised that they fit, Dixie! Well done!


Gayle Shermet

“This is my first ever attempt at making a swim suit.   I chose to make a tankini as I love the ease of having a separate top and bottom J and being able to switch out either for a different look. I used the Princess Tankini pattern and altered the neckline to be straight across and had to use a different size for my top, waist and hip area.   I used pre-formed bra cups for support and love the finished look on the inside.” We love tankinis, too, Gayle!

Geniene Catalano

“I made this using the guidelines in Beverly’s Craftsy class “Sewing Swimsuits: The Supportive One-Piece.”  Obviously, I opted to not include support, mainly because I’ve not yet tackled making a bra and I’m still a bit nervous about it (and I don’t much care for the look of the foam cups on a swimsuit). I did lengthen the torso and color blocked with great success. I need to work on my elastic application as some spots are turning out.  I swim a couple times a week so I’m excited to change out my old suit with this one (and make more!).”  Great job, Geniene!

Jennifer Moriarty

“I’ve made 12 Violet Bikini Tops for the Spring Splash Challenge.” I think someone’s making all the sizes so they have fitting samples for clients! Great idea, Jennifer! 

Karen Baltazar

Karen writes…”I’d like to enter my cherry blossom-themed swimsuit in this month’s contest.” This is incredible, Karen But would you want to get it wet? lol


Kathleen S

“Attached is a picture of my first attempt at a bathing suit.  It is based the “Denise” pattern, with the dart moved into the color-blocked seam. All my life I have wanted a long-sleeved bathing suit.  If the challenges continue next year, maybe I will get a second wish:  one that is floor length.”  You know Kathleen, I’ve always loved a swimsuit that covered my my neck to my knees…lol!

 Sonia Dubuc

 Sonia says…“I finally did it! My challenge this time was to do a me-size swimsuit! The first try was a painful experience! I said to myself: That is why I it took me so long to find the courage to sew this! But three swimsuit later… here it is! I was starting to get short of fabric so I did some patch work, turns out not so bad!” We don’t know why you waited so long, Sonia!

Hearty congratulations to all the entrants in our March Challenge Fashion Show. Thank you all for entering! The two winners (picked by Pixie) in our random draw this month were Diane Harold and Sonia Dubuc. They each won a $50 gift certificate from Bra-makers Supply.

Remember, the challenge for April is  all about Activewear! So why not Hop to it, and start sewing!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,

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