WOW! The Spots and Stripes Challenge Entries are amazing! This month we had you seeing spots before your eyes! We asked for any kind of dot or any kind of stripe (or your interpretation of spots and stripes), in any kind of intimate apparel. The trick was to use them together in the same project. We got a LOT of entries – we hope they inspire you!

Michelle (Canada)

This month, I had a tankini all planned out, but then looked ahead in the challenge and decided to leave the tankini for now. I’ll do it in a couple of months. For the challenge this month, I’ve made a few adorable cotton Lycra spots and striped panties. The pattern is my self-drafted panty pattern (made using the Craftsy class). And of course, I couldn’t just make one pair. In fact, I used up the rest of the material making all polka dots, or all striped panties.

Bonnie (Canada)

Hi Girls – Here is my Bra of the month for May.  Polka dots and lace.  My favourite colour combination of red and black.

Christel (Netherlands)

Hello, the contribution for May. A singlet and slip for a toddler.The pattern is from a free pattern from The Dreamfabric.    

Desiree (Netherlands)

Hi there – Here is my May contribution #dots&stripes. I sewed a plussize try-out, difficult to catch in a nice pica on a very smallsize mannequin. The fabric is with dots and strips, actually bit too thin for this idea. The bra pattern I used is the Shelley with foam cups and cross over back straps. Good exercise but need to do some adaptions next time. 

Jodi (USA)

For the May challenge, I decided to clone a favorite Prima Donna bra. I used swim fabric for the cups and lined the bottom with bra tulle and the power bar with sheer cup lining. I used duoplex for the frame and power net underneath the stripes (also swim fabric) for extra strength on the back bands. It was really fun making this bra and it was different than I would normally make for myself. It feels very patriotic, which wasn’t what I was planning for, but those are the stripes and dots I happened to have on hand and I love how it turned out!

Charlene (Canada)

Would you believe … ladybug spots and honeybee stripes? Charlene from Canada again. I know this is not exactly what Beverly was asking for, but it’s spring so I wanted a spring theme and thought I’d try fabric painting again. Some Sharpies, a few bug stamps from Michael’s, and voila! The pattern is Heather once again, lined with coral coloured Active Cotton.

Louise (Canada)

This is a Sweet Sixteen bra and the first time I’ve tried using quilting cotton for bra-making. I found this fun print with polka dots, stripes and checks and instantly thought of this month’s challenge. The plan is to make some matching shorts and I will have some new summer pj’s.

Christine (Canada)

Here is my May stripes and dots creation. After drafting panties for my mom in law (with rave reviews from her) I decided to draft my own. I find it easier to sew for others than myself. I used the bamboo stripe with a cute polka dot ribbon for the bow. I even forced myself to use my serger (to do the first pass of elastic) then coverstitch (the second pass).  I am very pleased with the result and plan to make more and different styles!!

Roni (Israel)

This month was really challenging, as I gave birth right at the start of it and didn’t imagine I’d have any time to sew… or even go fabric shopping as I’m not really a dots and stripes type person. And as I was bouncing off all kinds of crazy ideas with my hubby at home, it doesn’t promise I’ll find what I’m looking for when I do go to the fabric store – which always makes it all the more difficult. Eventually, we took the little one shopping and as I browsed through the fabric options, I saw this amazing print and couldn’t help but think how appropriate comic art would be — the dot matrix area fill and the bold lines, especially used to express movement. I used the bralette pattern, as it has large pieces (I was originally planning on trying the Shelly this month, but the pieces would have been too small to really enjoy the art of this print). I cut the midriff length and used black fabric to frame the comics. In the center of the bust, I’ve lined up two of my favorite panels – the kiss with a dot matrix background and the smoking woman showing off the sunburst lines in the background. In order to use a single piece of print beneath the bust, I omitted the center cut line in the frame and it made things much harder to sew. I don’t think I’ll be doing that change again soon. I did color block the front frame to align with the line running down the cups. It’s a K cup with a 76cm band (the back band is black power net, not shown). I’m really satisfied with how it came out. 

Rachel (Canada)

I made a Thong for this month’s challenge. I haven’t usually liked thongs but I might like these ones. I made the bows myself using the fork method.

Maria (Canada)

Ok this is my first time entering into this competition.  I did a partial bra was fun working with this spring material.  It’s a pretty basic design and I finished it tonight.  Here goes nothing!

Kathleen (USA)

SOS  Bombshell on board – Fire down below! When I saw that the challenge this month was Spots and Stripes, the first thought that came to mind was Morse Code!  And nothing sets off the alarms quite like a little shipboard romance.  The bra is a Shelley of navy blue Duoplex, embellished with middy braid, buttons, and embroidered Sailor Guy, Girl, and SOS.  This one was pure fun.

Virginia (Canada)

Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters – My entry for May is a Linda partial band bra modified with a flat neckline, an external power bar, and extra coverage at the top edge and toward the underarm. Two summers ago, a RTW bra made of sheer cup lining helped to keep the summer heat bearable, but it didn’t fit exactly right. This challenge encouraged me to make something just as “super cool, super sheer and super sexy” (# 7 of “12 USES FOR SHEER CUP LINING“) by putting blue dotted sheer cup lining over: nude sheer cup lining in the bridge, power bars, and lower cups (AKA the sweaty areas); and striped fabric for extra support in the upper cup. 
I’m keeping it cool with spots on top of stripes!

Cassy (Canada)

Hi Ladies – Here is my spots and stripes make for May.  I’ve used the striped duoplex and a spotted bamboo rayon  to modify my favorite panty pattern.

Sonia (Canada)

Hello ladies. Here are my entries for May. I’m Sonia from Quebec, Canada. Yes, I’m a French Canadian, so I’m sorry if my English is, well, different! This month, I drafted from the body measurement of my daughter what I wanted to be beach dresses. But I suppose they will only be a dress! I made them from spandex. I used strap elastic and fold over elastic and ”loop-a-licious” neckline elastic to finish the necklines. There is not much more to say, they are very simple but they made a little girl happy! Well, she’s not so little anymore! 

Deborah (Canada)

This is my entry of the month of May. The upper cup is a lace that has both a stripe and the flower as the spot. The rest of the bra is made out of sheer cup lining with white and black findings. The pattern is a modified Classic.

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