Did you “fall” for a gorgeous look from ready to wear, but wanted it to fit your body? many of you did and re-created the look for yourself by cloning or copying a ready-to-wear look. Be ready to be inspired by our fall into Fashion Bra-makers Challenge Entries!

Jodi (USA)

For the October challenge, I decided to clone a sports bra that I owned. The teal bra is the original. It’s a shock absorber bra. I made a pattern and followed the seam lines to create a new bra for me. It was a little tricky because the bra has three different layers, but I made it work! I also made matching Maternity leggings (not pictured)! I’m very impressed with how much support this bra gives. I slightly altered the back because I didn’t have any tiny hooks and eyes and I love it even more than the original. I used a nylon/spandex athletic fabric for the outer and duoplex from BraMaker’s Supply for the inner, as well as coordinating elastics and power net. This is one of my favorite bras I have ever made!

Christel (Netherlands)

This is my submission of October. Inspired by a bra from Marlies Deckers. I used a free pattern and a garter clip to attach the straps.

Michelle (Canada)

Here’s my submission for the October challenge. My inspiration for these adorable panties are the  Panache Quinn High Waist brief. Mine aren’t high-cut, or high-waisted, I didn’t want to make something I wouldn’t love. So I used my hipster pattern and changed up the design to have that adorable lace at the hip.

Virginia (Canada)

Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters, My friend’s best-fitting bra was a seamless underwire minimizer, but it’s spandex cups were – as you have warned us – letting her down. My entry for October re-creates the look in hot colours and the low stretch duoplex cups, vertical seams; wider straps; and a higher neckline & underarm give a better fit.  Would it be wrong for me to fall for my friend’s best bra?

Christine (Canada)

This month was sewing everything else.  And making clone patterns to my favourite rtw items.
My daughter found some new french terry knit with bunnies on it.  She asked me to make her shorts to sleep in with a bow and jewel.  I roughly cloned her current shorts and made her new ones bigger.  Serged and then coverstitched these together. They are soft and she wears them all the time!

Pat (Canada)

I took a break from bra making and made myself this rain coat with this lovely butterfly print rainwear from Darrell Thomas Textiles in Ottawa and black rain wear fabric from Marcy  Tilton textiles. I did some interesting decorative stitching using a Schmetz double-eyed needle. Very happy with the finished project. Pattern is Vogue 9080 by Marcy Tilton. 

Rachel (Canada)

It’s Rachel from snowy Alberta Canada! Corsets count, right? A bridal corset inspired by several photos a client shared with me. Each photo was not quite right, and I hope when she comes tomorrow this is exactly what she wanted. Custom drafted, with a layer of brocade coutil, one of sequinned tulle, and a layer of lace that I tried to pattern match.  I’m digging it. 

Louise (Canada)

My inspiration was a Soma bra that I have nearly worn out. I love the cup shape & wanted to clone the cups. I put it on inside out & traced the design lines (drawn in blue) onto press & seal (like Beverly’s blog post instructs), then because the lower inner piece was so curved I added a dart (didn’t show up in the picture so it is marked in black). I am very pleased with the cloned cups, and call it a success, then promptly realized I don’t have elastics to finish it. Frustrating, but I’m so pleased to be able to sew again, finally, even if my arm is stiff & awkward still!

Diane (Canada)

Dear Ladies at Bramakers Supply,
Here is my submission for October’s Fall Into Fashion challenge. Last year I was inspired by the retro look of lingerie brand What Katie Did and made a red and black Sweet Sixteen Bralette with some retro-style stitching and straps. This month I made some undies to match using the Cheryl panty pattern. My preference is for a high cut leg. The front is cut 4.5 cm higher than the pattern’s high cut version. 
Bye for now,

Roni (Israel)

This month I decided to take on a small but challenging project that I’ve been meaning to do for ages but never get around to…. 
Sexy undies! I had the original purple pair of lacy boy shorts but they run a bit low in front for my taste. I drafted the pattern following Beverly’s instructions and using my pair as a guide. The cream and silver pairs were made with some stretch lace I had that didn’t have a scalloped edge. I used them to test the concept before cutting into the pink lace with the scalloped edge. After wearing each pair, I realize that the finished scalloped edges don’t roll at all while the unfinished edges roll a bit, although all three pairs are very comfy and practically invisible under a thin skirt or dress. All in all, I’m satisfied with the result, especially my pink pair which is a nice higher rise and covers everything I want it to cover while still being revealing and sexy enough to get hubby’s attention.   🙂 All three pairs have a cotton skin-colored gusset, which I forgot to photograph. 

Cassy (Canada)

Here is my October challenge bra.  The new front close Sherri pattern was perfect for my challenge bra.  I wanted a front-close bra since I will not be reaching back to hook my bras for quite a while yet but I also wanted a racerback to keep the straps off my surgery scar.  I decided to copy the Wacoal racerback underwire bra and modified the Sherri pattern to add a racerback.  My bra doesn’t fit perfectly as I didn’t trust the measurements and added length to the back… so now it is too loose.  Next time I’ll get it!  

Sonia (Canada)

Hi, Sonia here from Québec, Canada! I really like this swimsuit model (black and white) so I jump on the opportunity of this month’s challenge to make myself one that fits and with colors I like!
I’m not fully satisfied with the neckline, I’ll try to find another way to sew that elastic. I’m also thinking to add a built-in bra. But overall I am very happy with the result. I think I was able to reproduce the model nicely!
Thank you!

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