You’d expect our summer challenge to include swimwear, but our challenge had a bit of a twist. We challenged you to make any kind of swimwear using fabric that is twisted, ruched or otherwise manipulated. How did you do this month? Let’s look at the Totally Twisted Swimwear Challenge Entries!

Christel, Netherlands

Hello, my contribution from July. The pattern is from La maison Victor. I adjust the pattern to my measurements. The swimsuit has folds on the front and I put the lining in the whole swimsuit.

Desiree, Netherlands

Hi there, 
Attached my swimwear with a twist. Actually, this is my first try-out of this pattern. Nice try my opinion, but I have to realize some adjustments next time. 

Jodi, USA

This challenge was hard for me. I haven’t done a lot of swimwear, and I’m pregnant at the moment, so making it fit was difficult with my ever-changing body. I made the Alexandria swimsuit by made for mermaids but hacked it to make it maternity style. I cut the pattern in two and then added length and width to the front and a little length to the back. I gathered the side front to meet the challenge requirements and also to make it flattering over my bump! I crisscrossed the straps in the back and made a few other changes for a better fit. I hope to wear it in the pool for the rest of the summer!

Virginia, Canada

Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters,

This sexy semi-sheer bikini will have spectators twisting around and straining their necks for a second look at my friend. There is nothing sweet about the mashup of a Sweet Sixteen Bralette and a Rebecca bikini on the top and a Cheryl Panty modified with ruching along the back seam (thanks for the inspiration Roni!) on the bottom. The cups are lined with cut & sew foam and a close inspection shows a gusset that is an itsy bitsy teenie weenie longer and lined with opaque fabric.

This totally twisted bikini will be causing some twists,
v (Canada)

Rachel, Canada

I thought I would never finish this! I need a sewing guardian angel/JiminyCricket character to smack me when I get “brain wave” ideas! This is a PinUpGirls Marsha top, hacked with the waistband of Greenstyle SuperG leggings… I turned the waistband if the leggings upside down, turning it into a rib band. And I swore a lot as I ran into “all those situations I should have anticipated” as I progressed. Like how/where should I have added/removed seam allowances, do I need an elastic here? How am I going to make the back cross-strappy and still have the band attached to the suit? Etc etc. If you looked closely, it is a bit “HomeEc Becky” but most people won’t. So I’m reasonably happy with it, and I will wear it next week in northern Saskatchewan camping with my family. The swim shorts are the Greenstyle Super G pattern, modified to have a bum curve seam like their Strides. All the bra parts of the top are from BraMakers, and the outer fabrics are Butter Athletic (print) and Performance (grey) both from Halo Fabric Addicts on Etsy. 

Christine, Canada

Here are my 4 yr olds bikini bottoms.  I have cloned her current pair and sewn these up for her as a spare (a pair that fit) while wearing a sun shirt.  We have yet to design and sew a matching top for our vaca at Christmas.  The gathers on the bum look so cute.

Michelle, Canada

Here’s my Marsha/Rebecca mash-up bikini. It’s got some twisty bits, and some ruching too. All in an adorable polka dot bikini. The twists were definitely a new experience for me, but the pattern explained how to do it beautifully.

Roni, Israel

Hi Bra-Makers Supply!
This month I used a pattern I’ve made multiple times to create a swimsuit with a twist. I added a twist to the center front to create some more visual interest and a peekaboo keyhole. My conservative side would have liked to add a cm or two to the center front so it wouldn’t pull so much, but as it’s a swimsuit and showing a bit of skin is ok at the beach, it works. 😉 I made asymmetric straps as I like when things are not symmetrical and I’m really happy with them. The bottom is based on Beverly’s underwear course and I used fabric bands as I really like them much more than elastic. I used printed swim lycra that I’ve saved for a special occasion, but I only had a small piece, so I tried to use it as best I could (see the color blocking on the top!). 
The pictures of it laying flat don’t really show off the twist so well, so I’ve included a few pics of it on me. I’m not really great at taking pictures of myself, so please excuse the quality. 
Now I only need a chance to take it to the beach!

Louise, Canada

This is a mix & match from the 3 Sisters Bikini pattern. The top is Marsha with the twist at centre front & the bottoms are Rebecca with the ruching on the front panel. I had this suit about 3/4 finished when I broke my arm. My lovely daughter stepped up to help me finish on time.

Cassy, Canada

Hello Ladies
Yet another month and another challenge entry.  This was a fun one. 
I made the Marsha swim bottoms with the twisted bits to match the top.  I have not worn a bikini in, um, decades, so decided to challenge myself.  The tankini top is a mash of 3 patterns.  I changed the Marsha bikini top to a full band bra under the twist using my fitted bra band pattern with the Marsha foam cups.  I drafted a tankini skirt for the front and used the pattern for the back side pieces from the Princess Tankini pattern.  Surprisingly it actually worked!!
Only modeled shots of the tankini as it is impossible to have the twisted top lay correctly when laying flat.  🙂
Hope everyone enjoys this long weekend.  Wish I could be there for the conference.  Snuggles to Pixie.

Sonia, Canada

Hi ladies! This is Sonia from Québec, Canada! For July challenge, I used a Pattern from 1975 that I found in my mom’s stuff. I had a good laugh when I read the list of suggested fabrics and found out that cotton knits was on it! I was very thankful for lycra after having a mental picture of the poor lady coming out of the water with her cotton jersey swimsuit!
I made a few modifications, my daughter could not fill the cups so… well, she’s only 11! I changed the ties for fixed straps and added a fold-over binding around the sides of the cups and the back. I also changed the leg opening a little, it was very low!  The ”Big Book of Swimwear” was very helpful!
I should have changed the crotch too, it’s very high on the back, not very discreet! I’ll know it for the next time.
Thank you!

Kerri, Canada

Twisted swimwear – Bottoms from Triangles and Tangas. Orange top also from that pattern. The heart top is an adaptation of a jalie pattern
Rouching galore!!
Thanks ladies

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