How would you shape up for summer? Some would be exercising, or gardening. That’s not what this challenge is about. Last month’s challenge was all about activewear so we can’t use that theme again. The month before that, we did swimwear, so that’s not it either. And this isn’t a gardening blog, is it? No – this month’s theme is about shaping up the Bra-makers way – with body shaping garments, like bodyshapers and corsets! Like these girls….

You can make waist cinchers, full corsets, or any type of bodyshapers, slimmers or any other shapewear.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired by my Craftsy class Sewing Shapewear: Smooth Silhouettes. You can use any fabric or combination of fabrics.

For the month of May we have the following items on sale at 25% off:

  • Freedom Corset pattern which includes a full coverage corset and waist cincher
  • Ova-Bra  bodyshaper pattern which has many variations with or without a built-in camisole

The Challenge guidelines

  • The theme must be obvious in the garment. In this case, the theme is Shape Up for Summer, so it’s got to be shapewear or corsets. Any colour, any style.
  • You can use or modify one of the Pin-up Girls patterns or the pattern from the Craftsy class on Shapewear.
  • The garment must have been completed during 2018.
  • There will be a special prize for those who enter the challenge every month!

I do hope you consider entering the challenge. Submit your digital photo entries any time before May 31.  Send us your photos to our email [email protected]. If the suit is complex, submit photos of the more important details.  Entries will be shown on social media (so if you are shy, don’t model it!)  and the winner will be chosen by a random draw after all entries are in. That means everyone who enters will have a chance to win.  (if you enter 3 garments, you have 3 chances to win!) Remember, the garment does not have to be on a model. You can even show off your entries to all your friends and family on Facebook or Instagram. Please include the hashtag #bramakerschallenge2018 so we can see too! All entries will be posted on this blog and in our social media.

So Shape Up for Summer and sew shapewear this May!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,


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